Friday 13 January 2012

Does your town have any weird festivals or celebrations?
Well welcome to my town.. Tomorrow is the straw bear. I don't see the fascination in it? It repeats every year and once you've seen some face painted dancers and the bear a couple of times the festival affect wears off.. 
I might go tomorrow, but more than likely not, i have work early and as the town with be thriving, it's going to be a hard night!


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  2. I think we literally have the same wardrobe, its creepy!! I think you're my little style twin :D x

  3. oh my gosh Arabella, yes! The velvet holter dress, the glitter top, the shorts, the alexander wang bag, and that's all on one page! But i have to admit your style is so much nicer.. love your blog!

  4. All these outfits are perfect!

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Thanks for all the fab messages! x