Thursday 19 January 2012

I feel like i owe an apology to you guys and my blog.
I know lately my posts have been half-hearted and frankly quite repetitive but you all now the tedious life of a student. Year 11 has proven to be a hectic schedule and i never have time to do anything at the moment besides revise for exams and complete coursework.

 So these posts are created late in the evening, when all my energy and creative mind have been drained, i apologize! The good thing is though that after this weekend i will have some sort of a life back, and my posts will have more of a spark, i hope!

 And that i will actually start to use my sewing machine purchased at christmas, and finish off knitting my scarf and read the 'girl with the dragon tattoo books' and just sit around on cold winter afternoons, watching tv.. oh how i long to watch tv, so much catching up too do! I just long to lounge around..

Speaking on the subject of student life, i had my sixth form induction evening at school, how scary is that? Life  really does fly by! I literally have no idea in what i want in life as a career option and therefore chose A-Level subjects in which i feel opens a range of careers.. 
So i have: Mathematics, English Literature and Language, Biology and Psychology or Business Studies (depending on what are available to me on the last two options..)

Did anybody else have no clue at the age of 16 on what career they wished to pursue, or is it just me that the teachers think of as 'abnormal;..


  1. im last year of sixth form at the moment and its really hectic too! just want summer to come so i can have all the time i need..!
    I had no idea what to do when i was 16 so i took german, biology, chemistry, physics...but it was horrible so i switched physics to art over christmas but best decision i made cos i got a A in art and probably wouldve failed physics..
    I think if you dont know what to do, take a variety of different subjects (which you seem to have) so the options are open :) i didnt take business but i've got places to do international business at manchester, brum and notts so that shows you dont necessarily need the right subjetcs, just the grades! hope this helped, good luck xo

    1. Is Biology hard? I'm aware all A-Levels will be hard, but working at an A do you think i would struggle alot? I'm also working along an A/B in art and really want to take it at an A-Level but the amount of GCSE coursework has put me off for life! Oh that's a relief, because I'm aware alot of jobs look for business achievements and I'm sitting on the line on whether to choose it, but if you can be offered it without the course then i might just stick with my options. Thank-you so much for this, and the luck. Good luck to you too! xo

  2. Hello :)
    I'm currently in my first year of sixth form and the work load is crazy! I do textiles, performing arts, English lit and English language. I find that doing both English lit and language is quite difficult, but it's fairly manageable, that is if you are under control of the work. A few of my friends have taken Maths and they are struggling and they are A/A* students, it may just be the way they are being taught but i thought i would let you know just in case you weren't sure about that particular subject :)
    I hope this helps and i hope you decide on what to do, but just remember you can always swap or even drop subjects, but goood luck! xoxo

    1. I think English Literature and Language will be considered my easy option, so i hope it turns out to be! What do you find hard? Is the amount of work or the actual topics, please? Thankyou for the heads up though! Oh no, I'm working at an A but i wouldn't say i find Maths easy, i guess I'll just have to focus more..
      It really does help, thankyou! Good luck to you too! xo

  3. They think of me as abnormal too..

    1. hey slam.
      we can be abnormal together, ya? But you're really smart dude and have smart parents, mine find it hard to offer advice..


Thanks for all the fab messages! x