Thursday 5 January 2012

Look at what b-e-a-u-tiful treasure waited for me at home today!
I ordered a years subscription last year, so either this is my last one, or does it keep renewing itself? Does anyone know whether i have to repeat the prescription?

Anyway, how amazing is the color palette? Pastel colors, metallics and golds, something that i would say could describe me any better! I just want all the shops to bring out their new stock.. All the lace and sheer, lilac's, nudes, light blues and yellows, bold african prints, lighter floral ones, masculine watches, crocodile print bags, silk scarfs..
 spring is round the corner!

Here are a few of my favorite pages from the Vogue Edit (i actually prefer it more than the main magazine, all the street styles and catwalk collections are mesmerizing!)


Thanks for all the fab messages! x