Sunday 15 January 2012

I've gained a bus load of new followers!
why hello new followers..
(in a non creepy voice..)

sorry for the poor photo, i found it on my phone..
 taken by instagram, the best iPhone app out there guys!

and a little note to say I also decided not to buy those items down below.. What is the point in buying grays and blacks when spring is on it's way! Those colours are too boring! Even if they are at such a cheap price..

Instead I've made a small purchase off Topshop and grabbed a bargain off ebay.
I'll post those when they arrive..

Oh and one last thing.. I've been receiving some messages through hotmail and my lookbook inbox on products i use on my hair? So i'll create a post later in the week to answer you guys! :)
Have a lovely week!


  1. nice photo! sometimes grainy photos are the best :)
    lovely blog!
    :) x

  2. Love your hair style :) beautiful.x

  3. Your hair is so cute! love how its a bit boho!

    follow me too? :)


  4. so pretty! your hair is the cutest, love the plaits. x

  5. Pretty! I always think of the Virgin Suicides when I see your hair!

    Drea xoxo

  6. thankyou for all the lovely feedback guys! :)


Thanks for all the fab messages! x