Topshop Lust

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Topshop Lust

with being ill there is only a certain amount of daytime tv you can put up with..
so i decided to waste time flicking through Topshop..
with owning a couple of pounds to my name at this moment of time it turned out to some sort of torture..
Everything is just so perfect..

At first i wasn't really a fan of the new pastel craze.. 
I related it to a kawaii style and thought it definitely wasn't me!

But as the weeks have passed I've fallen head-over-heels for these colors..
To an extent that I have based my final art GCSE on pastel colors; everything is just so pretty, so fresh, ready for spring!
I've always been a 'gold colored jewelry girl' too, but I'm sitting on the edge of rose gold too (it's such an unusual color for jewelry, when i receive my wages i must stock up on some items including this color!)

Now you must think all i ever seem to talk about and wear is Topshop? 
And that isn't really the case. I just feel that this shop really provides a good quality of clothing, and that for a little 16 year old like me, it's affordable..

Ok so I really can't wait for next week..
My fingers are tingling now with excitement! I'll be exam free for 10 weeks! 10 weeks, wow! I keep thinking of all the time i can finally put into this blog..
All these promised outfit posts..

I can't wait!


  1. "I just feel that this shop really provides a good quality of clothing, and that for a little 16 year old like my, it's affordable.."
    You're either rich or spoilt!

    1. well that's an unfair accusation anon because my parents don't pay for any of my clothes..
      i work hard for my clothes, i save up for them and only really spend my wages on clothes because there's nothing really possession-wise that i'm bothered about..

  2. I generally used to run from pastels as I have pale skin so unless I have tan on they leave me looking even more washed out, I'm loving them lately though! Those brogues are to die for!

    Also as for Anon above don't take any notice, people can be so strange. Its literally twice in the last ten mins or so I have seen mean comments from an anonymous commenter, I have never actually seen these on blogs before ever and I am really shocked. Keep bloggin and writing whatever you want to, these small minded people really do not matter.

    1. I think wearing pastel colours with pale skin makes it even more angelic-like, you just have to apply a coloured lipstick of blusher if you feel washed out.. oh i know, how gorgeous! I love the three tone combination!
      I don't get it either.. i guess people are entitled to their own opinions and I really am more than happy to take criticism in order to improve both my blog and posts but it's the blunt accusation I don't like.. :)x

  3. what happened to your tumblr?

    1. I deleted it around Novemeber time because my GCSE's were coming up and tumblr can become quite a revision distractor!

  4. I love pastels and these shoes are wonderful :->


Thanks for all the fab messages! x