Friday 16 March 2012

Ramble, ramble, ramble..

Hello all..
Just a warning, i feel this is going to include quite a large amount of text.

It seems like such a long time since I've posted on this blog. In fact i think it's only been a week? however i do apologize still..
Now here come the excuses.. I happily typed last week that i was exam free.. and that's true. But the coursework and the deadlines i forgot to mention, oops! So yes, it's been a busy week, my brain, the poor thing  is definately feeling it and my body deprived of sleep!

However, allot of great things have happened this week which I'd like to share..
I received a parcel yesterday with a shipping address from Los Angles! I knew i hadn't ordered anything and viola! This cute little... (oh wait, you'll have to wait until my Saturday post to see!) I then received two emails emails this week referring to the topic of my blog and clothing lines and little tasks to do for them, it's all so exciting!

I then thought I'd explain why i post images of magazines pages, after-all it is always quite a random post! I use these magazines continuously  for my Art work at school. The clothes, colors and shoot layout really inspire me within my work and clothing. Since i have this response to the pages (the favorite selected ones above) I thought I'd share them with my fellow followers!

Now for the exciting news of the future-
My purse is at the stage of hibernation at the moment. And will be like that for another 27 days, to be precise! So sorry, if I'm good, no purchase updates until then.. Because my friends and I have a shopping tripped planned to head for Camden Market and Oxford Street! Now, i know it's probably and sin to say that although i live in the Uk i have never shopped down Oxford street *gasp! I literally can't wait, so many people say i will faint at the entrance of Topsho.. London i am coming! 
Camden has always been a small dream of mine. We've planned three trips before to travel there with other objects in life have always been in the way.. But the date is set, and I'm working double the hours at work i normally do, and restraining myself to shop for a massive haul in a months time! I can't wait to show you guys!
If any of you lovely people have any recommendations where to eat/shop in Camden don't be shy to leave it bellow!

Ok i must be off to get ready for school, have a great weekend!
Charmaine xo

So hopefully I'll have all this excitement underway next week to show you all!

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