Tuesday 27 March 2012

latest purchases..

Here are some purchases i have just made..
I mentioned in my last post I'm lucky enough to go on a trip to Italy with the school on friday for a week; snowboarding... how exciting!
And i have little practical clothing
 (my suitcase involving sequin tops, velvet shorts and dresses, i can't do 'casual', oops!)

However.. here are some items for the outdoor ice-skating and football the school are hosting for two of the nights.
They're not what i would really go for, but I don't want to freeze!
And my wardrobe really does need so basics, so I'm quite happy with the purchase.

If you wish, you can purchase any of these items from asos

Charmaine xo


  1. love the second pair of leggings, they are gorgeous!

  2. love the jumpers, wanna have them aaaaall!
    hope u enjoy your snowboarding-trip! xx

  3. in love with the first pair of leggings!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x