Saturday 19 May 2012

Any cures for a shoe craving?

 (At Pixe market, Plomo, £186)

 (At Pixie Market, JC's, £115)
(At Topshop, £55)

 (JC's, £125)

 (At Pixie Market- JC's £120)
  (At Pixie Market, Plomo, £180)

(At Topsohp, £75)
* i know these shoes are ghastly, but despite having to wear sunglasses to look at these I think with a simple outfit these could become less vile, maybe?)

Ok, so I'm not really a wedge type of girl..
I always wear flats and i think it's because of my age.
I'm 16, and a little cautious that if i wear wedges out i will look like a little girl trying to be older..

I discussed this with my mum and she was like 
'gurrrl you're going to sixth form this year, you are grown up, embrace some wedges into your life.."
Ok, well maybe not so 'hip' but along those lines..

Since this, like i have said above i bought a small pair of platforms, just to get me itching towards some height,
and they are no-where to be seen!
Topshop, please can i have my shoes?

So yes, I'm going to start saving towards 'adult shoes' to wear with maxi's and midi-dresses in the summer..
I think the crochet lita's will be on the list first..
for my after prom or results party..

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!
Charmaine xo


  1. my my my, those are awesome! can't decide what's my fave, but i guess i'd go with the topshop ones, especially #3 the wood-wildleather-nude-sandals. hmm i know ur problem, i'm also 16 but as opposed to u, i'm even not allowed to wear heeled shoes because of my ankles and such. at least i'm not dependent on heels because i'm big enough hehe. good luck x

  2. Damn! The Plomo shoes are freaking gorgeous, but so expensive for a student like me! :D x

    1. I know, i feel your pain, pretty much impossible for a 16 year old too right now! Oh well, a girl can dream..

  3. The top pair are fab!

  4. All of these shoes look amazing!

  5. You have a lovely sense of style and a beautiful blog! Please check out mine, maybe we can follow each other?:)

  6. I love it!!


  7. I have the exact same dilemma! I wish I could wear heels casually without looking stupid.I was tempted to buy those Lassie platforms in black from Topshop, they're beaut!

    1. I would say go for it! We've all got to make that step into deciding to wear height in our shoes during the daytime and one point.. and those lassie shoes are a great way to start! They are so gorgeous, and for topshop, quite a reasonable price.. x

  8. i would follow your mum advice an embrace the wedges!!!!!!
    All teh shoes you posted are fabulous, great style sense ;)


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  10. Those lace JCs are to die for!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love these shoes they are soo nice :) I'm your newest follower.

    Rose x

  12. Wow major shoe lusting going on, those cream JC wedges are lovely x

  13. I love the pastel hues! I feel totally the same about wedges as you. Even with heels, I always feel too dressed up X


Thanks for all the fab messages! x