Last Months Purchases!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

**just a quick apology for the photo quality in this post.. some images are light, some dark, some blurred.. my camera had a mind of it's own today!

Chanel Waterproof mascara -£? 
 YSL Rouge Volupte, 16-£23.00

Topshop semi-sheer maxi dress -£46.00 

Primark pastel rose rings- £2.00

Topshop cut-out dress- £38.00

Warehouse leopard thong-sandals- £10 (sale)

 Topshop chunky chain- £10.00?   Topshop cross anklet- £4.00   River Island gold plaited belt- £13.00

AA Disco Pants- £70.00

Soap & Glory- buy 2 get the third free- £12.00

Topshop cross earrings- £4.00

Jeffrey Campbell Crochet Lita's- £125.00

Asos  playsuit- £40.00
* definitely an item that looks 100% better than the photographed product..*

Primark Sunglasses- £1.00

Primark costume- £6.00
 *comes up really orange in this image, more of a nude tone..*

Primark Costume, pack of two- £3.00 each
 * the other one being exactly the same shape but plain black with detailing*

Hello my lovelies! 
Hope you all had a lovely Jubilee Weekend!

Rolling on..
Due to my absence on here..
(because of exams and being ill, etc..)
I haven't been able to show you my May purchases..
So here they are, better late than never!

Because of exams and having been trapped in my room for an unhealthy amount of hours a week, shopping was an impossible task..
So most of these items have been purchase online
*thank the lord for the internet, AMEN!*
(minus the Primark items which i visited on Tuesday..)

A couple of notes on some of the items above:

JC Lita's
 If anyone is thinking about purchasing some Lita's i would say, in my experience that they are half a size larger than stated. I purchased a uk 5 in a gold pair (looked like Elton John though.. ) and they were huge!
The crochet ones only had a size 4.5 uk left and still honestly, i have to wear quite thick socks with them..
But! They are the most comfiest shoes i own! Forget my brogues, pumps and trainers..
I could literally sprint a 100m in those bad boys!

Primark Bikini's
 I don't know whether anyone else is skeptical about Primark bikinis? But i thought they'd be pretty rubbish quality. I normally purchase Ted Baker ones, they just seem to fit me best out of all the brands i have tested.. But these Primark ones seem to fit really well. And even if they only do last me 2-3 weeks of holidays and beach this year and £3 each i don't think you can go wrong!

Maxi Dresses-
For anybody wanting to buy maxi dresses, again this is me personally, but i would purchase them in a size smaller than you are. The material is generally elastic if you're worried about your bust area and it prevents your body drowning in access material.

Chanel Mascara
I don't know how much this mascara was.. But it was worth every penny..
I purchased this because i left my secondary school last week, forever! Friends are moving away and we're all heading off to different sixth forms/collages. And obviously that day resulted in bucket loads of tears..
Some mascara did smudge, not going to hide it, but for the amount i put on and the amount of crying i did, the poor thing fought well!

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  1. you got some really lovely bits!
    the rings from primark are gorgeous! and i love the sandals and stripey dress, oh and the maxi. x

  2. Love the Topshop dress! had my eye on it for a while myself!! :)

  3. amazing purchases!

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. £410 worth of stuff. In 1 month. Daymn girl you must be rich, i'd be lucky to spend that in one year!

    1. I don't think that people should have to explain their financial position but i want to because i don't want to seem spoilt or a brat or give the wrong impression..

      The reason i have been able to purchase all of the above is because of the following reasons:

      firstly, i didn't purchase it all.. my mum bought me the primark items, the chanel mascara and the primark items.. which i am incredibly grateful for!

      secondly, in april i went to Camden and London for the first time shopping ever so saved for months on end, i came back with alot of unspent money, so they went towards some of the above..

      thirdly, i have had a month and a half now of exams, meaning no free weekends. I work so i have a month and a half of unspent wages, which does add up to a sufficient amount. I'm 16 and i don't have any fee's to pay for, so literally every penny goes to clothes. And i have earnt every penny.

      So it's not really a matter of 'omg you must be so rich' it's a matter of saving up for items that have been on a wish list since the beginning of the year. ..

      And i really hope I'm not giving an impression of anger with this reply. I really just wanted to explain the situation. And i didn't put up the prices to brag either. It's to save comments on 'where and how much was that' and i personally prefer on someone's blog how much an item is so i don't have to go searching for it..

      hope that has explained everything!..

  5. wow, love all your purchases!. The full insoles you can buy in primark for £1 are an absolute dream for Litas that are slightly big btw!xx

    1. oh thank-you so much, you're a life-saver! I'll have to check them out! I don't think i can get away with these woolly socks in the summer.. even if our Uk summers aren't that warm..
      Adore your blog btw! x

  6. Wow, gorgeous haul in all honesty! LOVING the Litas and Topshop dresses :-)

  7. amazing purchases, these dresses and jewellery pieces are so lovely :-) i guess this playsuit from asos would look fab in summer. well it seems like u're perfectly prepared for summer! oh and congrats on ur graduation x

  8. Who ever that anonymous is they are obviously just jealous, which is not a good look! I know how much this girl saves and how many hours she has to work to earn her money. So know the facts before questioning a persons financial position.

    Love the playsuit by the way! x

    1. feisty Riz, haha!
      Love you gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! xxx

  9. You get the most amazing things from topshop!

    i need to start shopping with you!

    follow meee

  10. Wow great purchases, I love those Litas! xx

  11. Oh, the Litas are perfect, I just love them! My favourite model is the black one with spikes on the heels, but I can't buy them. :(
    I found your blog featured on the Sugarlips Facebook page and immediately fell in love with the outfit! Your style is great!
    And I'm so glad you bought all those things to yourself, you sure deserve them. :D
    I'm following you. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

  12. Adore that playsuit from topshop ahhh need it!!

    1. It's from Asos, haha! But still the same pricing that Topshop would sell a playsuit at :)xx

  13. just found your blog and you have the prettiest hair ever

  14. I love every single thing you bought! But my favourites are Topshop cut out dress and the AA disco pants, it seems like all the best bloggers have them! Anyways, I love your blog and I'm following now :)

    Ore xx

  15. Amazing purchases, seriously adore your style! I'm head over heels in love with those crochet lita's (and wouldn be literally as I'm hopless at walking in heels ;) Great post hun. x

  16. Thankyou for the comment lovely! To get the instagram widget, I got the image off google then went on to 'add gadget', chose 'picture', selected the instagram logo that I'd saved to my computer, then put my instagram web address as the link:) Hope that helped!

    I literally want everything you bought this month! SO jealous of the Lita's, one day they will be mine! I adore the ASOS playsuit too, and those primark rings are so cute- I'll definitely have to pop in there soon! Super jealous of the disco pants too, and the makeup..oh my, I need a job pronto!xx

    1. Your welcome! That really did help, I'll do it tomorrow, thankyou so much!

      Aww, and i literally want everything you've been buying, haha! Especailly your flatforms from office, and you have the best jewellery, ever! And you went to the bloggers boutique event, I'm the one who's jealous! haha xo

  17. You got some great items, I'm in love with my disco pants, really want a pair of Lita's too! Might add them to my birthday wishlist! The Topshop cut out dress is gorgeous too!

  18. Lovely Charmaine! Especially the maxi dress, you know my love for that! haha!



Thanks for all the fab messages! x