London's calling-

Sunday 22 July 2012


Hello girlies!

Cray-cray week with my laptop, decides to shut down, not allowing us to turn it on again except with the occasionall screen of warnings on virus's. But alas! All is kind-of well, i can't use internet explorer but i found a way aound it, mwahaha!

So wednesday we popped into London,
Say popped, more of an hour and a bit train journey..
It was our friends 16th birthday on the Monday, so we went to give her her presents and of course, did a little shopping!

I'll create a separate post of my purchases in London, maybe this evening?

Here are a few snaps of covent garden..
never been there shopping before, and again here we did very little, except american apparel and good ol' M&S.
But it's a lovely place, with fab food, in which we grabbed some piella and chocolate milkshakes!

We spent the main part of the day down Oxford Street, seeing Ellie Goulding in UO's changing, gasp!
I saw her trying on a yellow waterproof mac-thing and my friends saw her in her bra, oh-ehhhh

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend


  1. Lovely pictues, I love that phone box!

    Rose x

  2. love covent garden :D


  3. Aaah I love London, it's 6 hours away for me though and I didn't get chance to visit the lovely Convent Garden when I visited! Lovely photographs, as if you saw Ellie Goulding?! xxx

  4. I blogged about london too today!!!! :) haha love your blog! follow you, follow back?

  5. Muy bonito London :)
    Guapa ya te sigo :)


Thanks for all the fab messages! x