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Five Styles of Fred Perry Shoe
You’ll never be stuck when it comes to choosing a pair of Fred Perry shoes; these comfortable and stylist shoes just ooze sex appeal. However, Fred Perry shoes are suitable for all ages, genders and shoe sizes. Their shoes are the perfect mix of daytime and evening wear; below are just a few styles that Fred Perry are best-known for.

Canvas Plimsolls
These remarkably comfortable shoes are always popular. The shoe itself is lightweight and perfect for slipping into your suitcase without you having to worrying about your luggage allowance.
As it’s the summer season and many of us will be jetting off abroad, these plimsolls are just what you need for walking along the beach and for day trips around town.

Cuff Leather Trainers
Although they are trainers, these Fred Perry shoes are able to pull off a smart look at the same time. The leather of the trainers is luxurious to wear and with so many colours and patterns to choose from, you won’t have to worry about wearing something bland or uninteresting.

If you enjoy playing sport but still want trainers with a sense of style then you don’t have to look any further than Fred Perry. Alongside the leather style mentioned above, the brand also stocks normal trainers that are suitable for low-impact sports. At the end of a work out session you won’t have to worry about your footwear because this trainer can take you from day to evening whilst still looking savvy and smart.

Suede Boots
Admittedly suede boots are not everyone’s cup of tea but they can be worn anytime of the year. If you treat and protect your boots correctly then they should not become damaged when it rains. However, shoes such as canvas plimsolls should only be worn when it’s sunny because their material is not suited to wetter conditions. Even with suede you are not limited to a certain colour, and you can go as dull or as bold as you like depending on what mood you’re in and what you’re wearing.

Woven Plimsolls
These are absolutely perfect for everyday wear and tear - they provide 100% comfort and are made of high quality materials. The only problem with these shoes is their high levels of comfort - you may never want to take them off!

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