I need some advice, please...

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Hello everyone!
I could really do with a bit of help..

I've been looking at Topshop lipsticks for a while, and now having some birthday money i can go ahead and buy some..
Obviously i'm not going to go out and buy every colour below..

So i was wondering whether you could advise me on the situation?..

1) Are they worth the money/ would it last a whole school day?
2) Does the colours look like the swatch/ if not which ones..
3) Which one would you personally reccomend through experience?

4) Or should i wait until i go to london shopping and buy a couple of mac lipsticks?

Thanks for the help!

1.  Infrared    2. All About Me     3. Hazard    4. Mischief   5. Firecracker


  1. mischeif!! xx


  2. All about me looks really nice! But from personal experience I'd say wait and go to MAC when you can , they have an amazingggg range of colours! Also they're long lasting and feel lovely on the lips xx

  3. From my experience with topshop lip make up is that the lip pens are longer lasting and the colours are more true to the swatch.
    Quality wise tho I would probably wait for a mac lipstick. Bigger range, they apply better and more hydrating than the topshop versions. Hope that helps!


  4. I brought my first topshop lipstick the other day, I found that the colour will stay on all day, I went to college and it lasted a good while (obviously faded abit due to drinking and eating) but I have to say I find it quite drying! all about me looks lovely and so does mischeif for a autumn winter shade x

  5. Mischief is a gorgeous colour and lasts really well on me but not quite all day... I'd personally go for a topshop one as I prefer their formula and their cheaper,

    Love Chloe xo


  6. I much prefer mac lipsticks to topshop ones so I'd say wait, mischief is gorgeous though!xx

  7. Check your emails girl! You're the winner of my giveaway xo

    1. Sorry lovely, I got your email and i hope you got my reply because i think it's my emails that are pooed. If you didn't just email me your postal address and i'll send it off :) xo

  8. these colours are amazing!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  9. Not sure if this is too late or not but I'd say Topshop and MAC are pretty similar, I think anyway, others may disagree!
    I bought MAC before Topshop lipsticks and although MAC have an amazing colour choice, I don't think I'll be rushing to buy more MAC when Topshop are just as good (plus cheaper). I have All About Me and the colour stayed the whole day, bearing in mind I was on holiday in Florida at Universal Studios theme park, eating drinking and going on water rides! It is a matte finish so it stays more than other finishes obviously so check the finish of the lipstick you want.
    If you want something to stay all day then go for matte finish lipsticks and the Topshop matte ones really do stay all day! Hazard and Mischief look amazing for A/W. I'm thinking to get Mischief myself! Hope that helped :)


  10. Infrared is brilliant and it lasts like a charm! I don't recommend the Mac lipsticks because they're just far too expensive and last just as long anyway! I hope this helps!

    xo, Jasmine from vintagerosethoughts.blogspot.co.uk


Thanks for all the fab messages! x