Sorry for my absence..

Monday 24 September 2012

I'll be back soon..
Just a quick post to say i won't be blogging 'acitve' for the next couple of weeks..

I'm into my third week of sixth form now, 
and lifes pretty hectic!
Some of you may be experiancing the same thing, and know what it's like..
recieving tones of tests/revision, essays, assignments, etc etc... 
my brain is scrambled!

but during my time off I've won a couple of giveaways, which is always amazing!
So i have posts to show you of those goodies, and of course my birthday presents and haul!
(I've bought a few things but I've got the day off school next Wednesday and heading off to London with some friends.. so hopefully a successful day?!)

Ooh and a quick update on school itself:
I started a new school, the only person from my previous school to attend,
but it's worked as an advantage, i've had to step out of my confort zone..
Luckily I've made alot of lovely friends, and i really feel i fit in now,
so that side of sixth form is all fab-u-lous!
+ the free's, love having the afternoons off or mornings, etc, really breaks the day up!

I'll be back soon,
please don't give up on me, haha..


  1. Know exactly how you feel!! xx

  2. Aw I'm glad you have settled into the new school. I'll be looking forward to the upcoming posts :) x

  3. sometimes it is hard to keep up with blogging when you've so much going on every day. so glad you're enjoying your new school, what seems scary at first can be a great change x

  4. ahh! i started at a new school too! so hectic for sure. having similar problems as you for blogging, but we try our best!


  5. I wish you all the best for your start at the new school. ;) It's a great experience to step out of the "comfort zone" and I'm sure it will give you confidence for future adventures. ;)

  6. Good luck with your school sweetie!, i started at a new school last september and i know what its like, but really, it's gonna be better soon!

  7. i know youre not blogging for a while but i just found your blog and you have amazing style! followed straight away x

  8. goodluck on your studies!
    im your newest follower


Thanks for all the fab messages! x