It's nearly christmassssss (well kind of)

Friday 12 October 2012

Is it just my crazy parents who have been demanding a christmas list since the beginning of September?

Well, since being ill, stuck in bed and having only a limited amount of daytime tv i can physically and mentally take..
I thought, why not please those crazy parents!

Below are a handful (well, quite large i know, i got slightly excited) of idea's for my parents..

I'm quite an organized lister, maybe i should take it into account with organizing my everyday life... but.. i list everything linking to shops/websites that stock the item, sizings, colours, etc..

This year I don't really wish for a main present..
I think opening lots of tiny little trinklets is so much more exciting!
So this is my accessories list..

(i don't really create a clothing list until later on in the year,
 otherwise I'll be buying clothing not practical for winter!)

Anyone excited for Christmas as much as me?!
The amazing food, seeing all the family, all the fun and games and *fingers crossed, snow!*

What everyone else wishing for? x

It's nearly christmassssss

Velvet Cut Out Body / ASOS knit socks / Leather shoes, $110 / Croc handbag / ASOS clutch purse / ASOS spike jewelry / ASOS chunky jewelry / ASOS cuff bracelet / Weston tech accessory, $53 / Lip treatment / Louise Gray , $10 / Barry M / Ruth Jar, $48 / Office Emerald multi tapestry, $45 / Brit Toiletry Bag

(and i really do know this is alot to ask for but honestly i know my parents prefer to be hinted loads and then for them to select a handful off the list + then i don't know exactly what I'm getting!'
* i just don't want to give off the wrong impression!*

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  1. is it bad i literally love everything on here - looks like my moms going to broke this christmas ;) xx

  2. the body suit and rain boots are to die for


  3. In love with everything on here aahhh xx

  4. Ahh all these items are absolutely gorgeous! You're lucky - it's the other way around for me, as i end up trying to shove my christmas list down my mothers throat :P She never listens! I'm at risk of ending up with new bed linen...yet again!

  5. hope you get better soon!
    lovely items.. i reallly want some glitter socks they look so cool, love those hunters too :)

    1. Thankyou Tigerlily, i am better now :)
      Thanks! Ooh i couldn't wait until Christmas for them, I bought some last night, oops! x

  6. i love the colour of that lipstick! i just got a similar one from topshop :)

  7. Great choices! Love the bodysuit and lipstick :)

  8. Great choices and I love the boots!

  9. I love Christmas and I especially love making Christmas lists:D!

  10. i love the claw cuff and spike jewellery! <3

  11. i just simply love all!

  12. Wow I love literally everything,
    especially the wedges, wellingtons, leotard and make up goodies!!
    I cannot wait for christmas - but my birthday is on wednesday yay

    Please check out my new blog?

    1. Thankyou!
      Ooh happy birthday for wednesday! Have a lovely day!
      And sure! I'll check it out straight away x

  13. Great picks, I love it all. Especially the bag and shoes! :)

  14. Uuuh I want all that stuff :D


Thanks for all the fab messages! x