Received some giveaway goodies-

Tuesday 16 October 2012

So a month and a bit ago, i won an amazing giveaway!
With a huge thanks to Amy from Wolf&Wood for such amazing prizes, thankyou so much gurl!

(I would really appreciate it if you would check out her blog!)

The prizes included a free pair of leggings from LovelySally 
(though I'm still deliberating which pair to purchase)

A $100 voucher to spend at Beginning Boutique 
and a $80 voucher to spend at Romwe!
Pretty amazing alright!

So once again, a huge thankyou to you Amy! 
I really appreciate everything!

The items above are what i purchased over at Beginning Boutique.
It's an Australian site, i think it's pretty safe to compare to Nastygal, in terms of branding and style..
My order arrived super quick and my tax/shipping was involved within the voucher expense, so no extra charge! 
(which i was slightly worried about..)

I picked the dip-hemmed top because of it's amazing space graphics..
Now I'm not normally a person who heads towards 'tank tops' or galaxy print, but it's one of those pieces that can jazz up a pair of disco pants of black maxi skirt, or a pair of shorts in the summer..

The next two items were jewelry . The necklace is from evil twin, which i wasn't aware of when i picked it 
(i just liked the design) and then bumping into it an UO the other week and discovering it was priced at £26 made me feel even better thinking that i got it for free, woo!

The next piece it just a little delicate thumb ring... It's not something I've really seen about the highstreet yet and with my sudden burst of love towards silver jewelry i thought 'why not grab it!'.
 I've received so many compliments from wearing it too, which is always a bonus!

The three pictures above are of what i bought from Romwe.

It's a site where i do shop quite often so i knew of the standards/brands/designs..
I definitely suggest it to everyone! Its a cheap and cheerful chinese site that create alot of copies of highstreet to designer pieces, all with free shipping and no tax!

So the jumper above is more of a dress, it's extremely oversized
 (but still with some disco pants or leggings to be worn underneath)
It's hard to see here but the sleeves are actually sheer and so is the back, with a slit running down it, so i have to wear a top underneath..
I'll feature it in an outfit post soon because it's hard to describe, but i love it! It's so nice to throw on something comfy and oversized for school!

The next three items are jewelry, which i love all so much!
Especially the square ring, which i thought was quite quirky!

And finally the blue bowler hat...
Romwer was the place where i bought my black bowler hat; which if i could, i would eat, sleep, and work in..
I do love this version too, just a tad less because it is just slightly bigger than the black one, but still, i love these sort of hats!


  1. okay i'm inlove with that galaxy top i need it! aha :)

  2. Great items, especially love the galaxy top!

  3. Love the top :O

  4. you're soooooo lucky they look amazing!

  5. I love the clothes , the top is beautiful,


  6. the jewelry pieces are my favorite! that evil twin necklace especially, it is all kinds of awesome!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that top! xx

  8. Such a good giveaway prize! :)
    Love what you spent your vouchers on, and the leggings are all lovely!

  9. everything is beautiful! but love the shirt most! and you hat is adorable!

  10. The bowler hat is perfection


  11. That galaxy print dress/top is gorgeous:)!

  12. Oh my, that give away sounds awesome, you're so lucky! That galaxy top is just too gorgeous, thanks for those websites, they're really nice xx

  13. Great picks!

    Chloe xo

  14. ohh i love that top and the jewelry!

  15. I have a ring like that but I bought it in Turkey in the summer... I literally never take it off!
    The colour of that jumper is so nice too! X

  16. That galaxy top is sooooooo nice! xx

  17. Some amazing pieces! I love the galaxy top x

  18. That vest top is gorgeous! THe design is amazinggg

    Hayley xx

  19. This top is amazing!

  20. Those beginning boutique pieces are stunning, love it all. Lucky girl!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x