Is christmas really next week?

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Where has the time gone?!

One day I'm starting sixth form and the next  I'm a couple of weeks away from exams!
And Christmas is a week today? And 2012 is nearly over? 
I can't flippin' believe it! It's true when people say they're never enough hours in the day!

Panic over, 
Here's some pictures from a trip to London on Sunday,
We went on the London Eye, to Winter Wonderland and then for a bit of shopping...
I took absolutely tones of pictures of the view but i don't want to bore you, and it was pretty dark so the quality isn't fab..
But the view was soooo pretty!

I'm a couple of days away from breaking up from school, phew!
This week is crunch time for coursework, and we finally got our mock results back 
(and well, i really need to kick myself into gear, oops!)

I actually don't start school again until the 21st of January, thank-you study leave!
So after the 14th I'll be exam free!

And my sister and I are thinking of starting a youtube account together? (after the new year)
C and C's Closet maybe? Got a little ring to it, haha!
She recently got a camera which can record well so maybe that might be something to look out for!
Would anyone be interested in watching that/ any first video preferences?

| Skirts | Asos | £20 ish |
| Top | Topshop | Asecret santa gift |
| (I'll create a post on Saturday of the other SS presents i recieved) |
| Gold Chain | Romwe | Gift |
| Rucksac | Topshop | £45 |
| Faux Fur Coat | Topshop | £95 ish (a treat from parents) |
| Shoes | Topshop |


  1. Great pictures you look amazing xx

  2. Love your skirt and coat :) xx

  3. I was there on sunday too! London is so cute at christmas, there's fake snow on oxford street! ps. i love your blog soo much!

    1. Ooh we could have walked past eachother without even knowing!! :O
      It really is! Did you see the marmite decorations too, so cute! (can't remeber if they were down oxford st. though, oops!)
      Aw thankyou, I'm glad you like it :) x

  4. love love love what you're wearing, that skirt is amazing! xx

  5. gorgeous outfit, you look stunning! :)

    Hayley xx

  6. Love your skirt and the photos
    S xx

  7. I know how you feel, I have exams in January too. but since mine are only gcse, I cant take a study leave yet, boo :-( London looks beautiful as ever, and I will never stop being jealous of that fur coat<3

    1. Oh that really sucks, i don't think i could cope with them without study leave! Well good luck for them anyway, I'm sure you'll do great! It really was, aw don't be! Charity shops have so many similiar one out around this time, perfect to grab a bargain! (i did this time last year!)

  8. Your fur coat is to die for. In love <3

  9. lovely photo's, i am loving the fur coat and your skirt! xo

  10. So jealous of your fur coat!! And I would love a youtube channel from you:)

  11. I love the look you really look fantastic
    Follow each other?

  12. You look lovely! Love your outfit

  13. you look great love your fur coat

  14. oh my gosh, amazing style.
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog


Thanks for all the fab messages! x