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Sunday 13 January 2013

sorry for the ramble but it's s important, please read!

The reasons for the ban-

At the end of 2014 i am off to Thailand.
It's not a holiday that I'm raising the money for, it's an expedition that I'm joining with World Challenge.

For 14 days I will be out in Thailand living in a remote Tai village.
There myself and a group of friends will help in whatever project they wish us to do.

Previously it has been creating a more reliable water source, help building walls for a school in the village.
Teaching and helping children within their school, 
building bridges over a river to provide a safer route for the villagers to cross..
Anything to help..

We will have to purchase the resources ourselves for the projects, our food, our hostel when we first arrive,
 the trains to reach the national parks and for all the equipment needed before going out, and of course the flights!

It's down to me to raise the money,
By 2014, i have to raise just under £2000.

Of course I'm not going to rely on just making money on selling parts of my wardrobe,
every saturday until next year I'm going to be bag packing in the morning,
we've planned numerous days at school fro non-uniform, cake days, raffles etc..
and i know my wages too are going to be invested in the trip.

(and if i start saving up wages now until then i will just reach £2000 pounds)
(because of other funds that i put away weekly for Uni, and car fuel.. and that i only work 4 hours a week..)

All the clothes/shoes i sell on my shop will be heading into my  fund.
Any funds i recieve through bloggings/utubing i will place into the funds.

And i just thought i would share this with you (i guess to persuade more people into buying my clothes, haha!)
But it is for a great cause, and my clothes are my babies
 (so everything is treated in top condition/i forget about items and some are never worn!)

So i know most people will be spent out because of christmas and january sales etc.. but maybe next month, please?

I'm going to keep you all up to date with my money raising, maybe a grand total monthly?
It's a place i can look back on the process and hopefully a source of motivation, at weak times when i want to buy another pay of JC's!

No no, i joke.
 i know i joke alot about buying clothes etc.. but this is honestly so important.
Clothes are clothes, bits of material..
 to be able to help out even one childs life, exceeds the scale of importance i have for clothes.

I may be a self confirmed shopping addict
but I'm changing for the good!
(powerful motivational speech there)

So please help, if you can, i don't want to pressure anybody, haha!
But take some time and look at my online shop

(well next week, and i will be selling clothes)


  1. This is amazing! Aaah i'm sure it will such a wonderful experience and it's lovely that you would spend so much of your time raising money and would even part with your clothes to help! Can't wait to see what's going to be in your shop - your wardrobe is to.die.for.
    -Kate, xo

  2. what a great way to spend money! good luck :-)

  3. Bet it's going to be such an amazing experience, proud of you!xxxxx

  4. Can't wait to see what items you put up:) x

  5. This is amazing!
    And sounds like such a good opportunity :)
    Will look through items happy to help
    S xx

  6. This is inspiring and sounds like it will really be an amazing experience, gooood luck!!!

  7. Aw well done! Sounds like you'll have an amazing time, really hope you manage to raise everything you need! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  8. this is amazing char! i doubt i could help. good luck to you anyway!! xxxx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x