so ready for spring!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Anyone else ready for spring?
Don't get me worng, i love the winter weather and the large amount of snow the Uk has recieved recently,
 (minus the fact school still wasn't cancelled once for a snow day!)

But I'm ready for the lighter colours and materials!
Now I've never really loved the 'pastel' trend, on my personally i think with having blonde hair (and it getting lighter within the warmer months) i look 'barbie-ish', which i don't really like, just a personal opinion there..

But I can't seem to help but fall head over heels with some of Topshops latest items..
Especially the mint green and blue cropped knits, i adore the white one too, and i would even consider purchasing the pink!
 (if i wasn't a poor student of course!)

so ready for spring!

so ready for spring! by charmainecowland featuring knit sweaters


Great news on the shop too,
I've managed to raise my first boundary of £200's!

And i honestly couldn't have done it without anybody who purchased off their, so thankyou so so much!
Please don't give up looking on there if nothing been your thing yet, i will update it on Saturday again too, and every saturday for a month or so yet!

Only £1800 to go, woo! haha, and i should be able to start my bag packing soon also so hopefully the money raised should increase alot *fingers crossed*

Honestly thankyou so much to everyone and anyone,
i really appreciate it 

And if anyone doesn't know why I'm raising money and a bit confused over this littleparagraph please go over and read:


Some of you might have realised that we (my sister and I) uploaded our first Utube video,
but overall we weren't happy with the lighting/how we were..
It's wasn't true to us, we were acting different, i guess it's just a wierd aspect first time talking to a camera..

But we're going to skip the tag idea and go straight into a January haul first and film it Saturday, fingers crossed!

And this year I've already broke my promise as a good blogger, but wait!
I'm now work free at the weekend (no i didn't get sacked haha, just week days now)
So i have the whole weekend free and nothing to stop me! 

I really am the most un-organised person ever..


  1. I'm with you, I'm so ready for pastels and spring clothing! xx

    p.s if you haven't already I'm currently hosting a giveaway for reaching 500 followers so you could be in with winning goodies like Laura mercier, lush etc. :)

    1. Everything's so pretty isn't it?!

      congratulations on reaching 500! amazing giveaway too, already entered :)x

  2. I love the top right skirt and shoes!

  3. Can't wait for spring either!
    I feel as it gives me so many more options
    And those shoes
    So gorgeous!
    S xx

  4. Might have to get the shoes in both colours! Cant sait for spring x

  5. Everything looks super pretty!

  6. I love the polo neck! Congrats!

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  7. Oh i do love topshop. Im also a bit weary of pastels im not that girly... of course im into my dresses and skirts and all that but i always wear darker clothes really. I did buy some late last summer and didnt get the chance to wear any of it so i might venture into wearing them this summer! :)

    Hayley xx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x