Thursday 14 February 2013

a few pictures of yesterdays trip..
i finally visited china town! and had some bubble tea! 
(persuaded by beautycrush's sanfran. vlog)

It's different.. i liked the flavour, but the bubbles, 
I slightly freak out over chewy textures, and well,
 i got alot of tea in my hair (mild gagging, no biggy!) 
but i honestly loved the flavour! 
just no bubbles next time (defeating the point of 'bubble tea', oops!)

I also tried this cute bread and icecream pudding
 and bought two honey and fruit pulp drinks, so yummy!

and we had a brisk visit to brick lane,
 looked in 3 rokits, not one pair of small dungaree's *sigh..

obviously, a trip to london isn't a good trip without Camden! 
I finally allowed myself to buy something from the overpriced american sweet shop stall there.. 
£2.80 for a kit kat! but it was cookies and cream and so soooo good!

and then i did a little shopping in Topshop (oops!)
now before anything thinks "hey! what about world challenge!"
I haven't touched any of those savings/money raised for  my own personal gain..
I've worked triple hours this week because two staff went skiing, 
so due to this lack of a holiday/too much working i treated myself a little, please forgive me!

^ so ready for spring now so i can wear this bad boy!
* This purse is heaven!! Gott'a love a bit of Gwen S! and a family joke with my parents..
they have to remind my regulary that I'm not a billionaire and to slow down on all the shopping.. :(
^ now this looks slighty like something out of my grandads wardrobe, but it looked so cute on i couldn't resist!


  1. I really like the white top,it´s so pretty! and I love the photos :D

  2. Skirt is gorgeous and good on you, everyone deserves a little treat :)! X

  3. Love Brick Lane! And your picks.
    Katie xx

  4. adore that skirt, can't wait to see how you style it!

    1. Think i may wear it tomorrow so I'll post an outfit post of it :) xo

  5. Love what you got from Topshop! Cant wait to go back to London in September :D

    Hayley xx

  6. i love the "if i was a rich girl" so cute!!


  7. I love the clutch, I want it haha because that's basically what my family always say to me too :) And that's sad about the dungarees, I'm looking for a pair too..

  8. You visited all my favourite places in London! Love the Gwen clutch- gonna buy myself one of those!

  9. can't believe I haven't even been to London ha need to go! love love love the gwen clutch.. reeeeally hot! x

    1. Omg you really do need to go!!!!
      the shops are a billion times better than where i live, the atmosphere, the people, everything is amazing!
      haha thanks! got it in the sale, £4.50 woo! x

  10. IN LOVE with your purchases. I'm still trying to save and it's killing me! x

  11. Looks like a fun trip!!

    I'm obsessed with that Topshop skirt you got. I ALMOST got it but ended up going for a blue/silver hued skirt that's a very similar shape. Loving what Topshop has in lately. I want eveeeerything!

    Ava Tallulah

  12. Looks like a lovely trip, xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  13. Camden sounds like soooo fun! And, bubble tea? Very unusual for sure!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  14. Love that topshop knit!
    S xxx

  15. Last time I went to Camden a man ran at me with a knife, so I don't think I will be going back there soon :')


Thanks for all the fab messages! x