AA wish list

Saturday 2 February 2013

Never could i normally ever justify the prices of American Apparel.
my parents are off to New York in April. 

WITHOUT ME!!! *dying inside*
'an adults holiday, with no children' 
Hey! I'm 17! t-e-e-n-a-g-e-r  no child!
Take me!

And I'm going to save some money so they can do a little shop for me whilst they're out there..

When i was looking at the UK compared to the US prices i was shocked at how much us Brits are getting ripped off!
 Now i understand it will be cheaper in the states because it's a US brand.. but still!

Nail varnishs: US £3.48 each | UK £9.00 each!!
Velvet Cropped Tee: US £22 | UK £32!!
Denim Dungarees: US £55 | UK £76!!

ok, so i won't carry on, but you get the jist. AA is so flippin' expensive here and i honestly didn't realise how much of a rip off it is.. 

So I'm going to save up my wages, but what other brands/products are cheaper in the states does anyone know?
I know about makeup, i might ask for some Mac lipsticks and maybe Nars Sheer Glow foundation (once i get matched up)..

but is there anything else anyone could reccommend, please?
Brands/clothing/make-up/anything in general..

AA wish list

to make it worse my some of my friends are in New York at the moment on a Media Trip.
I didn't take Media, stupid fool i am.
I try not to think about the shopping they're probably doing now, 
but it's a sad sad time for me right now, wahh


  1. Great picks I am dying for their Neon polish and i also got the black body - it is amazeballs i love the velvet tee too

  2. wow i cant believe the price difference !!!

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. I noticed the same thing as well. It's even cheaper to buy AA goods off US ebay and ship to England. The price difference is crazy.

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  4. I thought you were saving your wages for this world challenge thing you are doing?x

    1. I am. I place a certain amount of money away weekly, but this is also an oppotunity that i won't come across again so i will be saving for my parents to buy me a few things.
      Of course i won't be asking for everything, it's just a little wishlist.. Items will be out of stock/ my parent won't have enough room in suitcasses/I don't need 5 nailvarnishs!

      Don't worry i am saving money, and selling my clothes, and bag packing, and handing out my CV/applying for another job this weekend so i can make more money. And it's 11 weeks untill they go to NY so i can save slowly but surely for this wish list..
      I haven't lost site in the world challenge trip, don't worry :)

  5. LOVE what youve picked!!


  6. The prices are insane, I went to New York last year and ended up buying so much just because i knew how cheap it was compared to the UK. Never checked out AA though, love the dungarees! xo


  7. the nailpolishes are super cool!

  8. Haha great opportunity to get some things while they're there. Think I'd need to save thousands if I was going to new York, my shopping would be out of control! X


  9. love that deep blue velevet cropped tee,looks absolutely perfect&cute
    let's follow each other?



  10. ahhhh can't believe they are going without you, bet you're so gutted!!xx


  11. Wowww what a bargain...lucky you! I have the black cross over body and I love it...so versatile!!xx


  12. Its the same with Abercrombie and fitch! When i was younger i stocked up on so many things when i went to America because of how much cheaper it is over there

    Hayley xx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x