Sunday 17 February 2013

I finally got a fancy header and now i feel like a fancy blogger (*singing away*)

Ok, so I need to resize it a smidge, 
but i was too excited too flaff about with that sort of thing/need to still work that part out!
(and I've always wanted to be tall, so maybe i could fullfill that dream in a sketch?)

And it's all thanks to Paige.
She's such a lovely girl, the amount of times i changed my mind
 and she had to change and re-do a sketch was so mean of me, I'm sorry!
It was nothing wrong on her behalf, i was just being my indecisive self..
And each alter was more than I could imagine, she really got my vibe *cringeeeee

Not only is she a great artist, but a great blogger too..
I totally would recommend any of you to contact Paige if you want a new header.
She's quick, completely reasonable priced, and works so hard/re-sketches so many times until it's perfect too!
(most probably she'd get it perfect for one of you in one sketch, I'm just too picky! 
and went back to one of the originals anyway, oops!)
She also did Megan's header here, which is also real'  funkayyy!

So much lovin' for this girl,
if you're reading this thank-you so much!!!


  1. Looks amazing! now your blog looks so professional tehe :D
    -Kate xo

  2. I recently redesigned my blog and I absolutely love it, I really like your header:) x

    Featuring Urban Outfitters, Models Own & More.

  3. I absolutely love the new header! xx

  4. Thank you for the post Charmaine, glad you love my illustrations xxx

    1. Your welcome, you and your blog need some more recognition!
      Loved them! thankyou xoxo

  5. Love a good header, this looks great! x

  6. Looks amazing!
    S xx

  7. It looks great!
    - Charlotte

  8. Love your style, especially the top!

    A little bit Unique


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Thanks for all the fab messages! x