bye for now..

Monday 22 April 2013

Untitled #26

I'm going to leave the blogging world for a month or so..
exams and deadlines are too close,
and I'm constantly glued to reading all these fab blogs!

So i think it's best to take a break for a while..
please don't forget to vote me in the bloggers style awards (if you like reading my blog)
* you can vote once per device i believe..

It would mean the world to come back to that amazing news..
I really want to be able to go to Uni, get a degree and make a living off blogging..
we can all dream.. and little (well MASSIVE in this case) thing like winning
 'best under 18's blogger' 
would mean that one step closer to my little dream...
Please, if you have a spare minute of so, and a spare email or two..

I'll still be reading the lovely comments from you guys through my email..
but no outfits or chatting, sorry!
I'll be back, exam free, youtube hopefully on the horizon, and tonnes of new posts for you guys!

See you in a bit


  1. aah we'll miss you! Good luck in your exams(:

  2. Good luck with your exams and studies, its boring but important! haha! I voted for you lovely, looking forward to seeing your next post in a little while xx

  3. Those shorts are gorgeous!
    Good luck on your exams
    S xx

  4. Ah the kimono and the yellow shorts I'm in love! xx

    p.s I'm currently running my 1000 follower giveaway, you can win 2 mac lipsticks and a tangle teezer of your choice so check it out if you'd like :)

  5. so many lovely things!
    good luck on your exams, i just took a break to finish mine as well, and now i'm finally back to blogging, yay! following you now, can't wait for your return! xx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x