Adios Amigos!

Wednesday 31 July 2013

I'm off on holiday tomorrow morning for a fortnight, chow!
Being the un-organized blogger that i am i have no scheduled posts for you, i'm sorry!

But every night I'll take outfit posts (if it isn't too dark when we go out)
and vlog (i already have some video's done, just need some editing)
*need to work how to use imovie oops!

So see you soon, 
have a fab 2 weeks, hope the sun is radient!

Thought I'd finish off with an 18th bday wishlist: only a month and a tad away now!
i'm a uk 5 in shoes, uk 8 on top and 6 on bottom, 
because i know all of you wish to buy me multiple Topshop items

18th wishlist


  1. Oooooh lovely wishlist, totally lusting! Have a fab holiday hun xx

  2. eek i'm so jealous! you lucky thang- going away just as the weather here turns back to the usual british suckiness.
    Currently fainting over both those pairs of shoes. Your wishlists are always so tempting.
    Hope you have an ahh-mazing hol!
    -Kate xo
    bleached mort

  3. I've been eyeing up both pairs of shoes too! Have a fab holiday x

  4. love the chunky black shoes and white skirt.
    have fun on holiday!!

  5. Those sets of two pieces are amazing. I want some but can't seem to find the perfect ones haha :(

    Ruth x

  6. hope you have a lovely holiday you lucky girl! love those shoes in your wishlist, so lovely! x

  7. Love the boots, ring, sandals, chain, aaahhh - all of it! Have a good hol :D x

  8. hope you have an amazing holiday

  9. Love everything in that collage. Hope you get everything you want haha



Thanks for all the fab messages! x