The perfect flower crown

Wednesday 10 July 2013

How stunning is this flower crown?!
First off a huge apology to Helena!
This lovelyyyy lady sent this crown out to me, well ages ago really, and I've been off blogging for a while, so sorry for the delay!

I didn't want it to be waiting around any longer for its moment to shine,
so an outfit post will be up soon, but you can see the detail more clearer here..

I believe Helena is setting up her online shop soon, bursting with loads more of these gorgeous headpieces,
and some vintage/remade clothes too, so look out for that!

amazing style, and a talented lady!

Helena definitely created my dream head piece, i asked for something pink and nude, something natural so it would be versatile, and bam!
It literally is perfect, can't wait to wear it too Leeds!

The flowers are so secure on the elasticated band, no worries about any wilting off during the night,
and being elasticated it should fit all of your heads guys!

Once again, thankyou so much Helena!


  1. It's gorgeous
    Can't wait for you to style it up
    S xx

  2. It's so pretty!

  3. It is gorgeous! I love how you help out other bloggers, you're such a sweetie!
    -Kate xo
    bleached mort

    1. It really is!!
      aw haha i don't mind, and it's totally worth crediting!!

  4. oh it's lovely and your photos are beautiful


  5. This crown its so perfect! I have one but with smaller flowers
    I just love it!

  6. Ah it's so pretty and I love her blog! I didn't know that she made crowns etc :)
    Lucia's Loves

    1. I think Helena's creating a shop this summer so keep an eye out for more head crowns to come!!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x