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Saturday 5 October 2013

How gorgeous are these little rings?!

They're from the lovely English Rose Design etsy store:

They're extremely dainty, which is a lovely change to the chunky rings i normally wear.
The silver ring is an above knuckle ring,
and the gold one a normal fit.
Being the material that they are though, they are easy to adjust, bend and tweak to the size
that you need, so basically 'one fits all' sort of size.

I wore them yesterday and had so many compliments!
They're just so different to anything you'd come across the high-street at the mo,
and for those who don't particularly like the feeling of rings,
these are as light as a feather!
(in-fact, i had to check a couple of times to make sure i still had them on!)
So a perfect starting choice if you're getting into jewellery,
and of course, these are perfect to stack with too!

I'll no doubt be wearing them in my next outfit post,
so keep an eye out for that!

have a fab weekend


  1. I love those rings.They are exactly my kinda ring,dainty and cute. I see someone's Christmas present :)

  2. Awhie, those rings are so gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see them in your next outfit post!

  3. I love the gold heart one, so delicate and pretty! x

  4. Great idea, a little heart on your ear ...


Thanks for all the fab messages! x