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Sunday 8 December 2013

Just a quick post,
I was kindly sent over these gorgeous brogues from Rocket dog this week,
and i;ve literally worn them everyday,
and everyday been complimented at least once, woo!

Now, i was a huge fan of Rocketdog when i was younger,
remember the pumps they had with the little charms sown on?
But I never ever thought to look online at this age..
but, they have some pretty nifty stuff!

These shoes are so comfy,
slightly snug, if you're a half size i would size up..
the holes on the top of the shoes allow for a wide/narrow/normal fitting,
which is fab, because i'm one of those narrow feet people..

Being black and white they're so easy to wear,
fit in perfectly with my sixth form uniform,
and pretty much fabulous!!

I know i haven't blogged in a while..
I'm hitting deadlines left right and centre at the mo,
so please bare with,
I'll be back on the 19th of december, free as a bird!!

and if you like any of the rings worn above,
i have tonnes of different styles
(tonnes up within the next two weeks too)
with a few bracelets/necklaces,
all four pods each,
with 50 post and packaging with another item,
all funds raised goes towards my world challenge,

| Blazer | Missguided |
| ' Coco' T-shirt | Romwe |
| Checked Trousers | Urban Outfitters (last year) |


  1. those trousers are amaze, love the shoes too. your jewellery shop is such a good idea and it's gorgggg too!

    High Society //

  2. Gorgeous outfit <3 love those shoes! xx

  3. Love these shoes I have just got some Bertie Monk Shoes and they are too comfy! xxx

    1. Oh god i love Bertie shoes but they always break on me :(
      i must be doing something wrong, haha!

  4. Gorgeous- love those trousers!xx

  5. I love your trousers and t shirt x

  6. You look fab lovely, the brogues are super chic - I have loads of pieces I could wear them with too - I'm always on the hunt for a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes!

    Elizabeth x

  7. Love this outfit head to toe! perfectly styled!
    xx Ayesha

  8. I love this outfit, the plaid pants are gorg. your hair looks so amazing like this, I wish I could pull it off!

    1. Thankyou!
      Don't be silly, of course you could, there's nothing to it! x

  9. I rediscovered rocket dog last winter, they had some lovely velvet boots!
    Love this outfit.
    Especially the trousers and shoes.


  10. Love the outfit! The pants look very cool!

  11. This is such a bladdy gorgeous look! You look just incredible lady!

  12. I very nearly picked these shoes from Rocket Dog, they are so beaut! xx

  13. such a cute outfit :)

    Belinda | Fashion Crossing

  14. Oooh Rocket Dog is one of my favourites for mannish footwear, these are lush! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. Loving the trousers, they go with the shoes so well!

    Emmie xx

  16. Can't believe them shoes are rocket dog, there fabulous. Also love your trousers x

  17. WOW i love those trousers!!! damn you girl you have such an awesome blog ! new follower, follow me back?
    Win 150$ on Jollychic giveaway on the blog

  18. Your sense of style is perfect Charmaine omg.
    I need that top oh and your trousers haha, so hard to find nice trousers atm :(
    love RenyceRosalia xo

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  21. Those pants are killing it x

  22. I love your trousers so much, fab outfit and I love your photos!!

    Rose xo

  23. too cool, I LOVE IT, the pants = AMAZING !! Just in love with these shoes
    Amazing blog girl

    Bisous from FRANCE

  24. LOVE the shoes and accessories. Great blog!!

    Followed on bloglovin, come say hi;)


  25. Love the trousers and those brogues are seriously cute!

  26. I love your hair and entire outfit! You've convinced me that I need a pair of checked trousers in my life!!

  27. love your outfit!

  28. loving these trousers! everywhere at the moment aren't they?!

    brilliant styling with them!

    Millie/ Millie's Nails

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