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Thursday 17 April 2014


* dogs giving me the 'bitch please' look
   | Pleather Skirt | Primark |
   | Black Bralet | Forever21|
   | Tassle Jacket | *PrettyLittleThing |
   | Cleated Sole Heels | *PrettyLittleThing |
   | Sunnies | Topshop |

* first of all apologies for the pic quality, my camera went all milky/soft on me?
(amazing terminology i know.. basically it didn't go as sharp as normal, boo)*

So i received these freakingggggg amazing shoes last week!
And before a post i wanted to wear them out.. 'test the product' n all that jazz..
And for a girl who is blister prone with all her shoes (TMI),
these shoes were like little pillows of comfort!

Despit being super super high (always a winner with me)
they are so easy to walk in, even after a few lil vodka shots haha!
I think it's because of the height of the platform, your foot isn't really at an angle,
the straps are extra support,
and they're just fabulous!
Now I'm dreaming of these chunky beasts to add to my collection:
These holographic ones
And these white and black ones:

it's not a healthy addition..

PrettyLittleThing also kindly sent me this fringed jacket,
which i can't wait to wack out during festivals this year!!

I've noticed that I'm also lacking jackets and accessories in my wardrobe,
so when i saw this i knew i had to have it!

I've been browsing Depop for a fringed jacket, but they are all so baggy, not to mention expensive! 
This beauty was only £22's?!?!
I feel this delicate one can be dressed more 'girly' if you wish, or easily thrown with distressed shorts and some docs!

I went with quite a fitted look with this jacket, and would say that it runs true to size,
i don't really know what else to say but check out their site,
they have some amazing items!

One last little comment, can we acknowledge how good primary has done?!
I feel like I'm swooning around in the American Apparel leather skirts, 
but instead of paying £120, i payed a tenner!
My store also had a baby blue one, so obviously i had to grab that too!

Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather as much as i am!
Have a lovely weekend,

lookout for a giveaway coming soon!


  1. OMG those shoes are KILLER missus, wish I was smaller so I could wear BEAST heels :) Looking lush, as always! Also, I see great style and beauty runs in the family with your lil sis too! Your Mum must be one fox :) xx

    1. the taller the better!
      aw haha thanks! She'll love that! x

  2. Nice!

  3. Love this! Cannot beat all black with a pop of colour, and of course those shoes are amazing!

    Hannah x

  4. this whole look is so gorgeous. those shoes are to die for!


  5. Amazing outfit, I can't believe that skirt is primark!xxx

  6. This look is so perfect ! I LOVE IT !

  7. You look amazing! I love this style :) And I adore your shoes btw! :)

  8. i love the bralet and those shoes are insaneeeeee! LOVE!

    xo Sarah

  9. Love this, those shoes are amazing ♥♥♥


  10. Oh my gosh that jacket is amazing, such a cool look!

  11. Just discovered your blog, love it! You are so pretty

  12. The shoes are amazing as are the sunglasses! <3

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  13. You look amazing missy! The heels are incredible and as is the skirt. Hope my local primark has it x

  14. The jacket and the bralet are to die for. But the shoe... Oh the shoes... I DIE!

  15. gorgeous skirt, love the color. and your shoes, to die for <3

  16. I always love your super cool style! Love the colour of the skirt too x

  17. Colours go so well together!

  18. You look amazing !!!!
    Those shoes waaaoooow xx

  19. you are the best of Suki and Sienna in one x

  20. Love the outfit! your shoes are amazing (:

  21. love the shoes. There are simalar ones that I've been eyeing for a while..this makes me want to go get them! thanks for the inspiration! i cant wait to see what else you have to offer! <3 mishmsxo

  22. shoes are perf and sunglasses are so cool


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