Saturday 29 October 2011

 Sorry for not updating lately! But my computer isn't allowing me to upload pictures onto blogspot, it's really frustrating! I've been trying everyday all week and today managed to upload two of around ten photo's i wanted to upload :(

Anyway, the photo's i had planned to upload were of my purchases from Thursday.. I planned to spend the rest of my remaining birthday money, but actually came back with alot of money, which isn't me at all! But now it hives me the chance to buy some stuff tomorrow at BNTML, eek! So excited! Some friends are there today and keep sending me photo's of the event, and grace! I want to be there nowwwwww!

Going to Birmingham was actually so much fun, the girls and I were ready for a change of shopping scenery and i think this was the perfect place to go!

Just our luck the weather was horrid! It was cold and wet. but it didn't damper on our shopping moods! The shops there are great, so much variety compared to our local shopping center, which sucksss.. And of course when you see a 'krispy kreme' store you have to take it in your stride to do a buy some yummy donuts, infact one wasn't enough and we had three each!

So now i'll have to tell you what i bought, because of this stupid uploader!
Well you can see the two images below; both were from topshop.. The first item, the glittery sweat, i though it would be really itchy? But it's the most comfiest item I've ever bought, it's so gorgeous and festive that i'n out to buy the blue version too! And because of my velvet fetish at the moment i couldn't go shopping and not by some of the material.. so i bought these cute little shorts, which does looks good paired up with the jumper.. To complete the outfit i bought some cute glittery socks from F21, a gold cluster ring from topshop sale, £3.50! And some long feather earrings in the Urban Outfitters sales, £18 down to £9, bargain!

Hope you all had a lovely week off, if you were lucky!
I'll try and upload my other items later and also the pictures i'll snap from tomorrow..

Charmaine xo

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  1. so jealous that you're going to BINTM live! i love those shorts, the velvet effect is really cool. lovely blog by the way - following you! :)

    Mollie xo


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