Tuesday 11 October 2011

So here's what i bought on Saturday.. I wanted to buy so much more but restrained myself!I have to save some money for a shopping trip with the girlies in two weeks time.. Well thought i had to save then my mum said she'd give me some money, so sweet, but i could of spent that money i saved! so frustrating.. Anyway i'm quite happy with my buys, i needed some new Autumn wear and well, i feel the colours do the trick! 

I think i'll wear the red leather shorts and the red and black velvet kimono to BNTM. Because that was my main goal when i went shopping, to find a decent outfit.. I have a cute quirky pair of wedges i can wear with this, some tassle socks, new lipstick from Mac (the stuff stays on forever, it's so hard to get of!)
 i highly reccomend the brand!
gold jewellery, i think i have the outfit!

Looking at these clothes it's safe to say i need to learn how to hang up! It's a little embarrassing, i can't believe iv'e uploaded the posts! Oh well, anything to get out of homework right?

Hope you had a lovely weekend, only three more days left for the next! You can see i love school so much.. Not. I'm dying for a ly-in..

Charmaine xo

  Look at the creases already, and they haven't even been worn. oops! But these are cute, if you could see up close the poka dots are velvet and the trousers are slim fitted. I'm not  trouser girl, but these, these i love! A combination on the sequin top and that, lovely! And i know what your thinking, clash? So did my mum, trust me they look better paired up together on a person..

This kimono i'm going to take back, (i bought this originally then found the one up top) i don't need two and the first is so much better, with this money i can grab something better!.., and quite frankly river island kicked topshops butt, for once.. I never shop in River Island, maybe i should look there more? It's like my favorite item, go velvet and tassles!


  1. Gosh, everything is so amazing!

  2. Gorgeous pieces! Jelous. . .


  3. hey charmaine :) the bunny top is from h&m, might be in the sale now actually but i got it a few months ago xxx

  4. That top is to die for!!! Well I haven't really enjoyed the uni parties so far. I'm not really into the skankilly dressed, absolutely wasted thing because in Luxembourg the legal drinking age is 16 so you'll easily find 14/15 yr olds clubbing. yes, clubbing. so by the time you're my age you're kinda of the whole clubbing getting drunk phase and actually appreciate a glass of wine with a meal or just a few drinks with friends. Does that make sense? :p

  5. Everything here looks gorgeous, especially the gold top - it'd look great tucked into a bodycon skirt : )


  6. Super cute shorts and holy crap that velvet kimono is bitchin' I want it!

  7. aw thanks guys for all the love!
    glad you liked my purchases, more to come soon, off to Birmingham in a couple of weeks time, more clothes to come xo

  8. LOve it! :)


  9. dope purchases :) love them all!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x