Tuesday 22 November 2011

Layering it all up, wearing two tops and a dress, well it is winter isn't it?!
I was freezing taking these photo's, in fact my body went numb, i couldn't find any tights so thought bare feet would be a good idea?..

Anyway, i was looking through my wardrobe deciding what i should wear on Sunday, obviously this time i'll pair it off with tights, my faux fur coat and some shoes! I'm off to Birmingham shopping, woo! I think my parents are splitting off from us a getting our crimbo presents whilst i spend all my money!
Which i need to do because on my last post saying i was going shopping i didn't spend anything, we got the bus late, had a McDonalds had to go straight ot the cinema's and it was to dark to walk back into town so we got a lift home, sighhhh

So on Sunday i WILL provide a post on whatever i buy..
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
How is it nearly December already? hasn't this month flown by? Oh well one exam to get through and i can finally start to get into the festive mood, into London next Thursday too to watch Blood Brothers which i love, so can't wait for that!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

    Lace Dress, Topshop. Collared floral top, Topshop. Sequin top, Topshop. Gold cluster ring, Topshop. Gold and nude ring, YSL.

Btw, can you spot the feathers in my hair? There like these cool new permanent extensions, i have a 'love hate' relation ship with them, i hate wearing them at school in uniform, but when i'm dressed as myself, well, let the feathers loose!


  1. Great skirt!

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  2. These photographs and outfit look amazing! So delicate, romantic and dreamy!

    Just found your blog, I'm totallyyyy following! :D

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  3. Wow I am loving your hairstyle very much, it reminds me of a vintage styled tinkerbell! ♥ so beautiful..
    lotsa love,


  4. These photos are gorgeous!! Your sequinned top looks so cute <3

  5. Despite the cold, you look adorable! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  6. your outfit is amazing! love the sequin top and the lace dress with the peter pan collar underneath! :)

  7. Omg this look is really cute. I love it.

  8. Go everywhere?!! haha. no everything after u cross the river bridge is pretty awesome! try and go both sides of the road if u have time, but the left side is better!!
    Cool blog!

  9. those feather extensions seem such a good idea! lovely rings as well..lusting over the ysl one too much. Gorgeous blog charmaine!
    think mine might be up your street..have a gander :)


Thanks for all the fab messages! x