Sunday 27 November 2011

So today we spent the day in Birmingham, Christmas Shopping and visiting their Christmas market. I didn't bring my camera, yet there were so many great photo opportunities, thank god for instergram! It's this cute little photo app i downloaded ages ago for my iPhone and finally had the change to use it, isn't the effects great?

Anyway, whilst our parents went shopping for us me and my sister did are own thing... With no parents to slow us down i thought that today i would do some serious hardcore shopping with alot of hard earned cash i was ready for a splash out, and you know what? I spent under a tenner, a tenner! This has never in my life happened to me! I was so gutted, like what was up with Topshop? Everything i tried on was to big or looked minging, or items i'd placed on the Christmas wish list so i wasn't allowed to buy it, boohoo!

But this could be for the best as I'm off to Camden in three weeks, maybe then i will need all this poor unspent money and come home with billions of bags, i wish!

So it's nearly Christmas? And i can't wait to get into the mood! Once my French speaking exam is over and done with on Tuesday and can start to wack out the Christmas DVD's, woo!

Hope you all had a super weekend!
Love Charmaine xo

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