Tuesday 27 December 2011

What sales topshop? Because the one i went in only had t-shirts and vest tops the other items were other labels, sighh...

So overall i managed to save £8.25, wow, massive savings there?..
I saw these shoes and fell in love, how cute are they? Then i found out they didn't have my size but i bought them, stupid i know, but i always wear tights then socks when wearing shoes so they're not that bad!
With my latest glitter obsession i bought the blue top, i really wanted it in silver but couldn't find it, bought it, went back and it was there, boohoo..

Shorts are my safety item, they're easy to wear and can be dressed up and down and prints are in next year...
then i grabbed my first sale item, gold bracelets from £16.50 to £8.25..
And a giant cushion for my bedroom, from TKMAXX so it is kind of a sale item.. 
Carrying this was a nightmare, they didn't have a bag big enough so i had a see-through bin liner, classy..

Tomorrow i will upload my christmas photo's, i just haven't had time to sort through them all, busy busy busy!

Hope you have had a lovely Christmas weekend!


  1. really pretty stuff you have there :) i love topshop, too bad there isn't any in my country!
    btw, loved you blog, so lovely!
    check mine if you want - fromyclosetwithlove.blogspot.com


  2. I love those shorts too! Queen of Hearts.. they also have the print in a dress too, i hope they bring out a top so i can match it in one outfit!
    Thankyou Hannah!
    You can do anonymous messages on a blogspot? well you learn something new everyday.. thanks anon..
    There's no topshop in your country? oh hunny, i don't know how you cope! Can you not ship it there? But i guess the costs would be ridiculous..
    i will check it out straight away!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x