Santa Came!

Monday 26 December 2011

 Here's a little taster of what i received for christmas this year from my parents. Obviously i didn't post all those socks and pants everyone seems to receive this time of the year, one question, why? Why the need for billions of pj's too, oh well! I had a lovely christmas and really looking forwards to today too. Family are coming over later in the evening so in the meanwhile i'll try and work out how to turn this sewing machine on!
Tomorrow I'm off sale shopping, i think I'm more excited for this than christmas day? oops! All three of my grandparents and uncle gave me money or Topshop vouchers today because they say I'm really fussy, i can't see what they mean at all... And I've saved all my wages from last month, I'm ready for a new wardrobe!

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and a great boxing day!
(i'll post up christmas day and boxing day photo's tomorrow folks!)


  1. bloody love the shorts! follow back? :)

  2. that mustard dress! love it! :)

  3. Santa did well! Cute blog, following :)

  4. Haha thanks, i'll check your blog out in a bit megan! Oh i love it too.. they have it in blue and purple to, the blue one is in the sale right now for £35!
    Oh i think he did too Toni, i'm so happy with every gift! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

  5. The fringed Topshop tee looks gorgeous :) If only we had a Topshop here in the States...sigh. Looks like you received a great haul this Christmas ^^


Thanks for all the fab messages! x