Thursday 2 February 2012

It's that time of the month again (no. not what you're thinking..)
I mean.. 'it's Vogue time baby!'

March's layout, personally, i felt was dull..
They have lovely evening gowns (any of which i would die for, to purchase for prom) and the front page being Lana Del Rey; where there couldn't be a better female soloist at the moment, besides Florence.. 
But i miss the pastel colours..

I also became shocked with the image of the topshop model..
Now, is it me, but are the models in magazines, in general, becoming thinner and thinner..
I know you're probably thinking, well they aren't models if they don't have to 'perfect figure' ...
but this girl needs some meat on her back..

A few years back, models and weight were an issue, and this spread seems to be seeping back into that way?
Don't get me wrong, a beautiful girl displaying a beautiful dress, but she'd be just as pretty with a pound or two extra..

And a sneaky picture of a collage I'm working on for school, it's a tedious process, based on fantasy and weird images, it's only a basic outline at the moment (only stuck with blue tack) but slowly and surely, with a double lesson of art tomorrow, I'll get it complete..

p.s.. I know i promised some more 'street style' and i asked my friend for the pictures today, but she deleted them.. So next time I'm in  town I'll be sure to take some with my own camera, hey, it might even be a repeating occurrence..


  1. Love these pics!!!! especially the Love cover with kate moss and Lara stone!!!!
    visit my blog on
    xoxo Marika

    1. It looks like such a good magazine from the cover doesn't it? Might have to subscribe to it..


Thanks for all the fab messages! x