Wednesday 1 February 2012

( some new goggles for next sunday, there pretty much the same design as last time, but different lens, my others broke, i didn't want to replace them, i couldn't part with them, 
so i bought their twins, an idea that my dad wasn't to happy about..)

Excuses: So my blog has been neglected due to the fact that January hasn't been too kind to me. I know, all this moaning, but it my reason for poor posting and absence.. Too many deadlines to deal with, and art is driving me up the wall.. But one more week and then a week off to relax, a week i can not wait for. 

I'm longing for summer already, one because I've found some beautiful clothes i wish to purchase, but two, good riddance to school! I know I'll have sixth form, but surely it will be different, with only four subjects, and no more art, anything can be better..

Good news: I've got an interview with a sixth form i applied for on Monday, so that means they're considering me i think? I don't know where to go yet, and i know i have to decided soon, but the decision is hard! 

Exams: My french exam as been suspended for 20 days, how amazing is that? And i also given my exam sheet yesterday, only 13 official exams left!

When am i starting to blog properly? Well hopefully I'll do a lookbook post on friday and do one for advance for Sunday or Monday-ish... And then I'll post up the other 'street style' pictures, and after that, some pictures from my holiday..
It's -27 at the moment, yes, you read right, I'm going to freeze to death! I don't own any suitable clothes for that weather, oh gosh..

Well, i hope January's was good to you, now lets embrace February, the month of love? Oh i don't know, it just sounded ok, hope you have a lovely rest of the week, we're more than half-way there until the weekend, woo!

hello world.

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