Saturday 3 March 2012

diamonds! shoes! are a girls best friends..

 (some of my favorite shoes and their new home)

I think this has become a forgotten post; about my suitcase i purchased and didn't show..

Well we all know a girl can never have to many shoes!
But it's the problem of where to store them?
I don't know about you; but i have some thrown under my bed, in the bottom of my wardrobe, our shoe closet downstairs, and some nicer ones kept in their boxes..

But i wanted to place some of my favorite ones altogether..

I spotted this little trunk in a vintage store i volunteered in, it was reasonably cheap and would fit in with my theme of my bedroom well..
ok, so it is really battered, but I was going for the rustic look? and it is on-top of my wardrobe so the wears and tears aren't visible..
but it is handy, and now my wardrobe floor is clean of shoes!


  1. Soooo jealous of all your gorgeous shoes! Love the cut out brogues!

    Im now following :) xxx

  2. love the suitcase! looking for one just like it on ebay for storage but not much luck as of yet!
    gorgeous shoes too!

    1. i looked on ebay but the prices were so expensive compared to the size.. I would really recommend looking into charity/vintage shops, or even car boots! They have so many pretty ones (in better condition that mine; but slightly smaller I've noticed, and with maximum £8!)thankyou and good luck!

  3. awesome shoes and i love the suitcase!

  4. Oh what a lovely idea! I'm always losing my shoes under chairs and such, I found this beautiful union jack printed suitcase that I'm desperately saving up for but vintage looks like the best way to go ('specially since I'm useless at saving up :S tehe)
    Ooh also totally envying your shoe collection, where were your chelsea boots from if you don't mind me asking? :)

    1. I saw some lovely ones in places like John Lewis, but when the decision came to paying £40-£70 or £8; i gave in, so I'm pretty useless at saving up too! Haha, thanks! My parents bought me them for christmas, i think they were from the Topshop Premium range.. you can't see in the picture but them have studs on the back too :)x

  5. LOve your collection, can i have them all :)


  6. ooh, this is such an innovative way to store shoes! I love those black slipper shoes by the way, they're perfect! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  7. i have three old suitcases in my bedroom for storing things! i love how they look even when they are a bit battered and bruised :) like your shoe collection too xx

  8. I love these old suitcases, they remind me of romantic times.


  9. I love this vintage trunk! Really like your chelsea boots too! So happy I stumbled across your blog it's lovely; definatley following Xx

  10. so many nice shoes :) i love the loafers and your chelsea's. they're looking just perfect!
    I think your blog is AMAZING and I started following it, dear :)
    maybe you'll have a look also on mine :))


  11. Ah how sweet! Looks lovely with lots of pretty shoes in. ;) x

  12. So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out if you’d like! :)
    ox from NYC!


  13. i love this post. you have so many great shoes! x

  14. lucky u! i'm looking for a suitcase like this for aaages and your shoes are so pretty, JEALOUS! haha
    i'm a new follower now!
    xx from germany



Thanks for all the fab messages! x