Monday 5 March 2012

warning: excessive text..

You don't realize how good it feels to type- i am exam free! Exam free for 10 weeks, retentively stress free and so much spare time on my hands i could burst with excitement!

First though, hello new followers, i really don't know where you've all came from, well the eight I've gained today, this is a huge amount for me normally to gain in a couple of weeks let alone a day; so once again, hey!

In order to celebrate my new-found freedom i trekked up to our local corner shop with my dog, purchased the magazines above and sat down on my bed taking in all that fashion goodness, companied my some caramel cadbury..

The photo right at the top is going to be my base layer of a collage I'm creating for my art, at the moment it's displayed on my wall because it's just a gorgeous piece of A3 work that my friend gave to me, i think she found it in the ASOS magazines, so thankyou ASOS!

So this week; tomorrow I'll try and create an outfit post; weather dependent though, and at the moment it's not so cheery outside! Wednesday I'm working, so nothing interesting there.. Thursday I should be buying some more day-time glasses after my optician booking; mine have become too small for my head? so I'll have those to show.. Friday it is non-uniform day at our school; we're raising money for 'help the heroes' and a cancer trust based for teenagers too.. So I've gathered up all my lose one pound coins and I'll start to panic on outside decisions late thursday, being the unorganized person that I am.. And then there's a weekend..

Hope your monday wasn't as dreadful and the aspect of realizing 'it's monday tomorrow' on that lazy sunday afternoon..
Charmaine xo


  1. That collage is really good-like the pastels in it :D

  2. Great pictures! I love the collage!

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  3. non uniform is next Friday you dingbat xoxoxo

    1. I realized thanks slam; but forgot to change it on here xoxo

  4. I still have to study for my exams! You're so lucky :-)


Thanks for all the fab messages! x