Tuesday 10 April 2012

Happy Easter! I hope you have all eaten your weight in chocolate, because I'm pretty sure i have!

Hello all! Long time no see hey?
And here comes the explanation..

I went on a school trip for a week, which most are aware of, to Sestriere, in Italy..
I stayed at the Olympic Hotel, where Pixie Lott only stayed there only two weeks before our arrival!
It was super hot and i got burnt really bad on the first day, and then had to live with a lobster face for the rest of the trip, oh dear..

The slopes were great!  We went swimming, had to wear these god awful cloth hats, and swam whilst it was snowing in an outdoor pool.. went to a restaurant (one must i say that pixie also ate in, woo!) 
 round some of the cute village shops, watched a slalom competition where the atmosphere was preeeeety awesome; music blasting and dancing skiers and i got to know so many amazing people i wouldn't normally socialize within school,
 it was really such a great week..

After a 24 hour journey back via a coach and ferry I was reunited with my family again, and i babbled like a baby!
Within two hours after this i was all dressed up and ready for a  party within my year at school, it was so lovely to see all my friends again, a week isn't long but i really did miss them.. 

After Saturday i was struck down with a cold, sleeping non-stop for the past two days and feeling a little more alive today.. So yes! That is why i have been absent..
I promise to become a good blogger, *pinky promise

A double post!

I had an urge to create another post but with nothing to post i thought of this...

Here is a little wish-list/checklist for my shopping trip on Friday
 (my first time to Oxford Street and Camden for a friends 16th... bursting with excitement!)
a little lame, but gosh i can't wait!

I've cleared my wardrobe in preparation for this spring stock-up..
I said goodbye to my black and grey clothes, my knitwear and fur coat..
In order to embrace patterns, sheer, lace and glitter...
With saving for a month and a bit and restraining myself away from shops i hope it turns out to be a successful day!
All the above are from Topshop, but i intend to purchase more from Camden. I've heard so much of the quirky shops and stalls..

Hope you have all had a lovely week off
Charmaine xo


  1. Wow, sounds like u had a great time there! A really cool + unusual schooltrip! And I loooove the nude flower top from Topshop :) x

  2. omg i adore that purple sparkly topshop nail polish! i think a trip to topshop is needed asap... xo


Thanks for all the fab messages! x