Thursday 12 April 2012

Ok first i apologize for the state of my hands..
I posted these pictures in black and white so it becomes a little more bearable for your poor eyes!
I don't know, hands just aren't really nice to look at, or is that just me?

Anyway, carrying on with the exciting stuff!
About a month ago i received and email from Romwe;

(and i could go on for-ever about this site, but I will make it short..  the clothes are of such a high quality and low pricing. I have purchased off there before and they do amazing replica's.. I bought a blouse and shorts set from there, a copy from Topshop, which would of cost me £90? but i got for £25.. it even had a fake Topshop label, it's fab-u-lous! They ship wordwide and the sizing, for me, was perfect!)

on behalf of Annie, a 16 year old blogger from germany.
 (and i love this girls blog, it has been a blog i have followed right from the start, her style is very quirky, she reminds me of a younger version of Alexa Chung!)

 I had won a competition she had held on her blog here.
After squealing with excitement i read through the email and discovered that i had won $60.00 to spend at Romwe and an accessory would be sent over too.

The accessory arrived last week whilst i was away, and today i managed to squeeze in some time away from Art to take these pictures and create this post.
As you can see the ring is of a cobra snake.. The colour is silver and dark in areas, a sort of rustic look.. It's a beautiful detailed piece , a statement ring for an outfit. What caught my attention more though was the back of the ring.. How amazing is the detail? It's adjustable too.. 

So with a little messing about i created the ring into something i could wear everyday.. (image above).. 
After about half an hour of wearing it though it's taken place on my thumb..
I love it!

So thankyou so much Romwe and Annie!


I still have to spend the $60.00, and will do a post when they arrive, however as it's a US site it will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive, but i have my eyes on two blouses and a thumb ring!


  1. love the first one so much , it remind me of the snake from harry potter when he was a rock before he came alive if you know what i mean :P

  2. oh my i love the first one the detailing is so pretty!!
    im really like your blog!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x