Monday 23 April 2012

Quickly before i get started..
I really need your guys lovely expert help with the terms or blogging/editing..

As you may be aware picnik has now shut down, and I'm now thrown in the deep end..
Where do i create my outfit pictures? For Lookbook and on here i always create the two picture template and i really need to find a site that provides the same template.. i have outfit posts waiting to be shown.. any suggestions, please?

Secondly, I noticed, and loved on blogs where a picture in posted then underneath a link of 'click to read more' is portrayed, instead of a long layer on photo's on the main page of the blog.. Does anyone know how i can create that please? Although i have taken ICT at GCSE, computers aren't my strong point..

Lastly.. I wish you re-vamp my blog, actually create a design for it, and a snazzy title and all that glam.. does anyone know where i can create such a title online? With like a bold patterned font?

Thank-you to anyone who helps me out, a thousands kisses go out to you..

So lets get crackin'!

Hello my lovelies!

Here are some purchases i made on Saturday..
well, when i say purchases these items are a result of a sad refund..
The playsuit on the post below (with the embroidery on the shoulders) appeared to have a rather large stain at the front, spotted by my mum. I had no idea of it's presence but once pointed out i couldn't stop looking at it!

My fingers were crossed that my local Topshop would have my size in stock and it would all be dandy!
But i knew, looking at the size of the small shop i doubt they'd have it, knowing the fact it had now gone on sale online and sold out super quickly!

So the first three items were what i had instead..
The top was in sale reduced from £35 to £20, the skirt was found in the 'last chance to buy' section and the trousers were lingering around the shop..

Then my lovely mother purchased the dress for me.
I don't own a dress in lilac so it's a lovely change and it's such a lovely basic item, easy to throw on with a leather jacket or a denim one (which i am now on the look-out for!)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend,
Charamine xo


  1. try downloading picasa, thats what I do my photo's on, the latest ones on my blog anyway :) I think it's free :) xox

    1. thanks slam!

      'Everyone please check this blog out! She's my bestfriend, she's stunning and her style is lovely..'

  2. I am in love with the floral pants.

  3. I work with Photoscape and I'm really pleased with it and edit all my pictures for lookbook with it. I also did the title picture and font with this program, so it might help you out as well.
    To do the "read more" thing I think you just have to change the layout of your blog. I guess you'll have to try that out a little bit.

    I hope I could help you out. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask!
    Mary Jane

  4. oh I love this floral pant and skirt!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x