Saturday 14 April 2012

( ^  glitter tank, Topshop £28)

( ^ embellished top, Topshop £45)
( ^ i apologize for all the crinkles and creases, it is now in my basket on it's journey to meet my iron)
( ^ embroidered playsuit, Topshop £75)

( ^ glitter skater dress, Topshop £38)
(  ^ ring, Topshop £7.50)
( ^  ring, Camden Stall £8)
( ^ Pendant, Camden Stall £8)
(  ^ ear-cuffs, Topshop £8.50)

( ^ gypsy night & adrenalin varnish, Topshop, £6 each)
Hello all!
So these are my purchases from yesterdays trip to London..
(i do have some photo's to show you however i am waiting on some friends to upload them, so that will be a separate post)

Well, where to start?
I love and want to live in Camden forever..
Yes, i am now a huge fan, and can't wait to plan my next trip there!
The people are so interesting; i could have spent a whole day just people-watching..The hair and clothes and make-up, I'd never seen so much bold style down one street!
 The food was amazing; we visited this little area of around 20 stalls providing exotic foods from brazil to mexico to india to spain trying out little tasters as we walked through.
The shops; well where do i start? Even though i didn't purchase much in Camden i would definitely return.. The shops were so quirky, offered such strange and unusual products, the cramped conditions reminded me of the markets you visit on holiday, i could of really spent all day there.. The atmosphere was at such a high... loved it!

Then there was Oxford Street..
ok.. I could of fainted as i approached Topshop..
Like, how huge?!
It defeated me in the end, i couldn't even bring myself to look at the shoe section and my search through the accessories was like a sprint, i just couldn't pull through the energy after a day of Camden to shop..
*shocking i know*

I had a search through urban outfitters and american apparel too..
I wish now i bought the disco pants, but they just seem so dark in comparison to the pastel clothing right now..
and urban outfitters still had alot of winter-ish stock, so i was a little disappointed..

So with just over the same amount of money i spent yesterday left, I'm going to take a less tiring approach of shopping online.. hopefully I'll order some clothes on Monday, to complete my April haul, and shoe you guys later on that week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Charmaine xo


  1. oh wow I'm so so jealous! i love everything you bought! The glitter dress is gorgeous! Ah i love camden so much too! xo

  2. Wow I'm jealous with all the Topshop purchases! I usually only buy items from there when there's an occasion coming up, because its making my purse really light! I'm inlove with those rings!! I think I'll purchase some of those up online, but only one. Do you have any suggestions on which I should get from your choices? I love both of them, but I'll only get one. Thank you so much!!!

    Would really love to keep in touch!
    Can we follow each other here?

    1. The first ring is from Topshop the second is from Camden but I'm sure there are look-alikes on the Topshop site.. They're just so great to pare with an outfit, simple and basic.. x

  3. so beautiful!
    and to answer your question, the jacket is suede and it's vintage! check my online vintage store for the stuff i sell-

    1. oh I thought's so beautiful! Thankyou I'll definitely check it out! x

  4. absolutely love all of these -great finds! anything with a bit of lurex! I know what you mean about Camden, I work there and it's such a mix of eclectic people/amazing shops! xx

  5. love all of these!!!

  6. So many glittery stuff! Though one can never have too many of them!

  7. I've never been to Camden but I'd like to go because I've heard good things about it, must admit I'm a little scared of the place! The detailing of the Topshop jumpsuit is gorgeous too.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  8. I have been reading through a few of your posts and I am so impressed! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am the PR worker for Koi Couture and I love your blog so much, that I have passed on your blog details to my manager; you will shortly receive an e-mail from us!
    I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  9. That glitter skater dress is awesome! Is it itchy at all? I'm so fidgety and I can't stand it if what I'm wearing is the slightest bit itchy. As for the studded litas, they're a lot easier to walk in than the normal litas for some odd reason but I suggest you take a pair of flat as well just in case :) x

    1. Thankyou! Not going to lie it is slightly, but bearable.. i tend to forget about it after the first five minutes though! Ok, thankyou so much! x

  10. I LOVE glitters, hihi !:)


  11. Great stuff babe!
    Enter my Romwe Giveaway! ♥

  12. I love all of your purchases, especially the tank top and rings! You have great style! xx

  13. i love anything with glitter- but it's a fine line between lovely and then Lisa Frank-ish haha (do you remember that? aw, childhood). I have a top pretty similar to your first one, i love wearing it during afternoons in the summer. there's something about wearing something glittery during the day rather than the night that makes you feel kind of special

  14. I know Camden is great! I love the dress with the flowers so cute! x

  15. that tank is so great! love it x

  16. I love that embelished top! It's amazing

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  17. We love all the items!


  18. Gorgeous purchases! Loving that intricate beaded top!

  19. i sense a glitter shinny vibe in your puchases!!! hahaha
    So jealous, i wish i could go shopping to London! :/ too far away


  20. I swear, everything you've picked is ridiculously perfect! I'm loving all things glittery right now, so basically everything you've bought I want to steal from you! :) xxx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x