Tuesday 8 May 2012


Hi Ya'll...

So  i had instagram, then being me with a memory of a sieve i forgot it, and left it as that..
But I've seen bloggers post pictures from instagram and created a weekly post of
 'my week via instagram'
and i though 'hey', what a great idea..

So here i am, with a new instagram ready to blind the world with my phone camera..
I'll hopefully take enough to create a little collage at the end of the week to show you snippets of my life..

so please don't leave me hanging with zilch followers..
I no i have no photo's now
but I'll get busy!
(is that enough persuasion?)

kisses xo


  1. Lightsdrivemysoul <33 Such talent! xo


  2. I love instagram posts, looking forward to seeing yours!

    joanne from jimmilou.com


Thanks for all the fab messages! x