Wednesday 9 May 2012

* I hope i don't get in trouble with this post, for placing other people's images on my blog..
But i just wanted to share with you my top 3 bloggers of the month (April that is..) And plan to show you a new three every month (if i don't get sued or something for this.. *said in a nervous, dry voice..)
If anybody wishes for me to remove the images i will, and if anyone could reassure or give me the heads up on what they do when they create a favourite blogger please say.. I don't know i guess I'm scared to post this because i haven't notified the bloggers.. eek!
Carrying on...

First of all how amazing is this girls hair? Everytime she creates a post it's a different colour, and i must say, "she works them sistaaaa" Here style is extremely quirky, involving tones of colour and floaty kimono's...

A girl with alot of amazing accessories and two piece suits! With shoes to die for and bright neon clothes that would make you stop in your tracks with awe.

And leaving the best until last..
I found it pretty impossible to narrow down to three of my favourite outfits with this women, doesn't she know how to dress? F.A.B, and her love for Topshop seems even greater than mine.. *gasp..
The amount of prints within this blog is crazy, the textures and layering..
"when i grow up i want to be just like this".. 


  1. All these girls look incredible, especially the first one <3

  2. Good idea to post your favourite bloggers. But I guess it would be a good idea to ask them next time before you feature them (I think nobody will say no and you'd have gone the proper way) :-)

  3. This is such a lovely feature, I am sure they will be happy for your post! I wish I had the eye to layer like these ladies. I adore all of the prints and textures.

  4. I love alicepoint :D

  5. Wow those blogs are insane. i love her hair ( jealous).


  6. how have I never come across your blog before?! It's amazing! These are great picks too, I'll need to check these lovely ladies out xx

  7. Really cool post! Great blog! Your posts keep me coming back for more! Have a great day and a brilliant weekend ahead!

  8. Love the one's you picked! and im really liking your personal style as well x

  9. Nice styles from different bloggers..
    They are highly fashionable for street style :)

    Follow my blog at

  10. i love the colours and bold patterns deffo gonna check out these blogs
    liking your blog too,just gained a follower

  11. Amazing style!


  12. Great hair styles! Very adorable!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  13. Don't worry about using other people's images, you've put their link on there so it's all good, you're not pretending they're your own images. Just think of all those tumblrs who use other people's photos without crediting them! When I do these kind of posts I normally let them know, but with such big bloggers like Alice Point I don't think they'd really mind at all! Great picks :)

  14. Ooh wow, thanks for sharing these blogs. The girls have such amazing style, going to follow them all x

  15. Those neon pieces are delicious


Thanks for all the fab messages! x