Barratts Christmas Giveaway Entry!

Wednesday 21 November 2012

These loafers are what i would consider as 'ideal walking shoes', just look at the soles of them!
It's definitely going to take more than a couple of walks to wear down that height! They also look extremely sturdy, and although my feet make get a bit nippy',they're leather (maybe faux) so waterproof, which is a huge must living in the UK!

And with these shoes i decided to stick with the masculine twist, with an oversized boyfriend jacket; buying a nutural tone means it can be paired up with so many more outfits! A hat and mittens, because it is turning chilly, a baggy teen underneath, thrown over a pair of leggings, because it's winter and the main focus is comfort right?
A a simple trio of necklaces, because i can't wear an outfit without a little bit of sparkle..

Barratts Competition Entry #2 A walk in Winter Wonderland

Barratts Odeon Flatform Loather found here
( the rest of the items found online at Topshop)
Now i'm not really a heel kind of girl, unless they're chunky and Jeffrey Campbell-esqe..
So these wedged boots really appealed to me..
There's nothings worse than dressing up, dancing the night away and wincing under the pain of ridiculously high shoes.
These boot's though, don't they look so inviting? I just want to slip them staight on and boogy around my room! ehheh, cringe*

I decided to pair these shoes with a sequin dress, because what's a party without a bit of sequin and glamour?
I've kept the lips nutural, as the dress is pretty funky within itself! 
And lilac nails, paired with a simple gold cuff (i would wear on the upper arm) so not to over-shine the dress.

Barrats Competition Entry #3 A Christmas Party
Barratts Truffle Deep V Wedge Ankle Boots found here (Available in two other colours!)
(All other items found online at topshop)
Barrats Competition Entry #3 A Christmas Party
Shopping, no matter what males may comment, is a harsh sport!
We're patrolling up and down isles for hours on end, and the least we can do to our poor feet is provide some comfort!
So i selected these creeper styles shoes, not only do they add a bit of height in a casual manner (always a bonus),
 but they're going to support the feet all day!

 Because these shoes are more of a 'gothic vibe', i thought why not style it up with black and velvet and release the inner goth? 
With a hint of pink lips, just a pinch of  girly-ness!

Barratts Competition Entry #1 A Long Shopping Day
Barratts Casual Lace Up Creeper Style Shoes found here (Also available in 5+ colours/styles!)
(All other items found online at Topshop)
Barratts Competition Entry #1 A Long Shopping Day 

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good luck to everyone entering!


  1. Love outfit number 1 and 2!! The whole outfit from number two is pure love and the trousers from number 1 are amazing!
    S xx

  2. Adore outift 3 <3 would you like to check out my blog please, if you like?

  3. Did you put those outfits together? I'm loving the 3 of them!

  4. Love all the outfits, especially the first! xx

  5. Love outfit 2 - gorgeous!


  6. Thank you for your entry! I love your shopping day skirt/socks! :)
    Kel x

    1. You welcome, it was so much fun!
      Glad you like it :)x

  7. Super cute post dear! Love your style!
    Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  8. wow so so beautiful! *.*

  9. Love number one, I'd really love to have all these pieces!

  10. I love all the outfits , you're making me want to shop now haha!
    Iman x

  11. Walk in a Winter Wonderland and Shopping Day are me all friggin over. I have no money but I need that pearl crop top and that camel coat. I am off now to busk on the streets to achieve these things

    Gemma x


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