Tuesday 20 November 2012

Just a quick post on a few things I've acquired over the month..
the skirt i purchase when asos had a student 25% of night/couple of days?..
I bought it for £23, woo!

along with i i purchased the Barry M nail varnish, that's supposed to look foil-like?
It's ok, but i now wished I'd bought a deep red colour..

The topshop lipstick below is called 'innocent' by Topshop, i got this free when i purchased the phone case below..
I didn't really need the phone case but i desperately wanted the free lipstick!
which turns out it really isn't free because i just spent out £8 to get it, sigh..

And lastly, the beauty products and necklace..
I am waiting on another two jewelry pieces (from Romwe)
but i couldn't be absent any longer, so they'll be up another time!
I happily didn't spend any money on the jewelry, but some vouchers I'd forgot about near April time, oops!

And the skin products, i don't know whether to make a review or not?
If you wish for one just leave a comment, if not don't worry, i would probably be a rather shocking one anyway!

ps, i will be doing outfit posts soon-ish..
i have mocks in two weeks and I'm drowning in work, but after that I'll be freeeeeeee!
(for a couple of days of so)
So I'll pack in the posts 
(plus my grandparent came over from spain last week and took over my bedroom, so everything was a bit jumbled up)


  1. Heyy i'd love to hear a review on the products, I/ve gt terrible skin and I'm stilll looking for a brand that actually works on me other then REN

    ha I did exactllyyyyy the same with the free lipstick too :P

    1. same here!
      sure thing! I'll use it for another week or so (been using just under a month now) and then I'll do a little review! x

  2. I totally fell for the lipstick deal too... I bought a bracelet I didn't really want for it! It looks like a lovely colour though - can't wait til it arrives! xx


  3. Love the necklace. I'd like to know how your skin are products work out for you too :)


  4. That skirt is gorgeous! Deffo want to hear a review on the skincare products too :) xx

    1. Thanks!
      Sure! They'll be a post up in the next two weeks x

  5. Love the skirt and necklace. x


  6. omg omg that phone case :O




  7. Great finds! I am in love with the skirt:)

  8. Ooh gorgeous skirt! Can't wait to see how you style it. Ahaha when i saw the free topshop lipstick thing i was like "omggg i need to buy something!" but ahh topshop, why is your delivery so expensive?! I love that colour though. Kate - xo

    1. Thanks!
      Urgh i know, it's ridiculous! Isn't it close to £4? i only bought something worth £7.50, so annoying!! x

  9. how pretty is that skirt! love the necklace too :)
    didn't know about the offer in topshop, definitely going to check it out now though, thanks :) xx


  10. gorgeous skirt ! good luck in your mock exams :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  11. Gorgeous bits and bobs! I'd love to see reviews :-) xxx

  12. I love all these pieces... how long is the skirt on you/ how tall are you, I love the skirt but I have no idea about the length,

    Chloe xo


    1. I'm 5'5 and a half, and the skirt is true the length of an average skirt, like how a skater skirt would look in length.. sorry I'm so bad at this but i only ever wear maxi's and midi's, but it isn't too short on me, a modest length for someone average height! :)x

  13. lovely purchases!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com / @thelovecatsinc

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  14. I adore that necklace, very pretty! xx

  15. I had to take advantage of the Topshop 3 million kisses promotion I also got a free measuring tape aswell as the lipstick. I love the necklace and the phone case so preety x

  16. I Love the skirt that print is lovely!
    And the colour of lipstick from topshop is a must have for fall!
    S xx

  17. i love all topshop lipsticks, they stay on for so long!


    im holding a giveaway on my blog, check it out, its worldwide!


Thanks for all the fab messages! x