Casual Sunday

Sunday 17 March 2013

I don't know whether I've showed these trousers before?
I bought them in Topshop's christmas sale for around fifteen pounds i think..

Sorry for the absence again (forever saying this i know!)
But if you live in the uk, you will understand the torrential rain we've been having this week, and snow and sleet, madness!
Hence this horrible background.. Sorry for the twig in the top left and part of the chandelier, haha!
I've also been ill, off school, and then working a billion hours!

Ooh! I also passed my driving test the other week too! 
Actually, i think it's been two weeks now, so loving the freedom there!

My parents are off to New York in a week and a halfs time, and i was thinking about giving them some money for makeup..
Would you guys say MAC foundation or NARS sheer glow to invest in? 
Please comment below!! I have quite oily skin, so could you bare that in mind please..

So  here's an outfit that I'd wear my new bodysuit thing that i showed in a previous post form ebay..
I know there's a clash of print here with the squares on the trousers and the leopard print, 
but clashing doesn't really bother me.. Looking a bit dead in the photo's too sorry still getting over a cold, 
and i actually lost my voice this week, what has never happened!

Next wednesday i break up for two weeks, hallelujah!!! I will finally post a video on utube, i promise!!
And maybe a haul will be coming up? I'm so close to paying off my next installment for Thailand
 so i may treat myself to a thing or two, hopefully!

And i have a gorgeous dress i was kindly gifted which i cannot wait to style
 and show you guys but it will have to wait until the weather dry's up
 because i want to take it outside as it's a nicer background..

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, sorry for all the text, just wanted a little chat!


  1. Love the outfit, the shoes are amazing. Congrats on passing your driving test! xx

  2. gorgeous look :) well done on passing your test and i hope you feel better soon! :) where are your bracelets from?

    1. Thankyou!
      Thanks, and thankyou again haha!
      I bought it at a car boot for a pound... (sorry i couldn't be helpful there!) x

  3. I love the bodysuit and your shoes are divine!


  4. gorgeous outfit! I love mixing prints :P Have a great time off :D

    Hayley xx

  5. Amazing outfit! You look great!

    Emma x

  6. Love the clashing patterns and those pants are pretty cool. <3

    New Outfit Post: Personal Style Blog By ORR

  7. I find the Mac foundation to seem okay for abit and then the foundation goes all weird and terrible? and it turned my skin really dry :s. I don't really rate their foundations if i'm honest, and with Nars, i've found it goes/looks patchy on the skin after a while...if you're wanting a good new foundation i've just recently bought the laura mercier silk creme foundation and it literally is the best foundation I have ever come across, it's supposed to be for all skin types as well... I have ocd with buying/testing foundations -Hope that helped in some way?ahah,

    And I love this outfit, those trousers are beaut!! x

  8. So in love with your shoes!
    S xx

  9. i adore your shoes, they are amazing! x

  10. Love this outfit, you always look so amazing! Probably wouldn't advise Nars Sheer Glow if your skin is really oily and it might not last too long! I have combination skin and it lasts quite well but still doesn't last as well as others :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  11. those pants are coool. and i want your shoes!

  12. Love those trousers! Congratulations on passing your driving test!
    - Charlotte

  13. Congratulations on passing your driving test!

  14. You have a great style! Great blog as well! Just followed! | nyc style blog

  15. I love this outfit :) congrats on passing your driving test! xx

  16. Love those trousers, what a great bargain! Congrats on passing your driving test, such a good feeling right? I'd go with MAC foundation, but I've been using that for years so may be a bit biased!

    Fiona xo

  17. Congrats on passing your driving test! ^.^ This outfit is gorgeous <3

  18. This is such a great outfit! Well done on your test, took me 6 times to pass! Best feeling in the world when I did.

    Samma <3


Thanks for all the fab messages! x