So i cracked..

Monday 25 March 2013

Ok so i broke my spending ban..
The last three, maybe four weeks I've been working triple hours,
 so therefore receiving triple the amount of my standard wages,  so i can maybe justify this spending? maybe..
and it's nearly spring, supposidly despite all this snow, so the collecting needs to begin!

Ooh! one thing before i start rambling!
Is anyone going to the Missguided afterparty press night event tomorrow evening in London?
Just wandering, because I'm so scared about going on my own!  and it would be a relief to hear if any of you are going!
I don't know London what-so-ever, and I've got to take the tubes, ahh!!

Anyway back on track.. On Sunday I trekked to Sheffield with my familu for a bit of shopping..
Meadowhall i think it's called? Pretty snazzy in there too!
I had a bad start and tried on so many Topshop items and hated eveything on, sad times..
So it's mainly little bits and bobs, ooh and another top, but it's in the wash already..
 (just a cropped turtle neck top) and i came back with money, 
which never ever happens because it burns a hole in my pocket!
 Hope you're proud of that, haha!

*ps. i break up on wednesday for 20 days, so no more of this crummy blogger business!


  1. ahh I wouldn't even last a week on the spending ban- well done for lasting so long! you really deserved this spend up!
    those ice cream sunnies are hilarious-perfect fest wear!

  2. the pink top is lovely, doesn't look like Primark at all :o

  3. I need the pink Primark top, I hope they stock it in my local store, it is gorgeous! :)
    The studded clutch is a bargain too for £3, I couldn't justify buying it before but now I can! ;)

  4. I love all your purchases, you've got such a great style! :)

    Jamie ♥

  5. Ahhh I love that dress! x

  6. I need that Topshop coat in my life! Roll on payday!xx

  7. The TOPSHOP coat is AMAZING!
    It's my favourite! :)

  8. oooh that topshop coat is gorgeous and i need to go to primark immediatly!! xo

  9. love the top and dress!! very pretty!
    xx Ayesha

  10. Omg need to get that top and clutch they are loevely x

  11. Wow love all of your purchases, can't believe that pink top was from Primark!
    Lucia x

  12. Oh wow well your purchases definitely justify you breaking the band!
    I can see how you couldn't resist
    S xx

  13. love the all the pieces, especially the pink top from primark. definitely all good reasons to break the ban x

  14. Gorgeous buys, primark is really on top form at the moment xx

  15. Some good purchases you deserve them if you have been working all those extra hours!! xx

  16. that coat is gorgeous

  17. awesome buys! Ah well youve been working! Ive also broke my spending ban...went crazy this month! lol OMG leeds fest is awesomeeeee so jealous you are going :P have fun!

    Hayley xx

  18. That topshop dress and coat... I am in love.
    Ava Tallulah

  19. i love these purchases


  20. Gorgeous buys, especially the crochet dress from Topshop! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  21. my primark is full of shit, i want good things in there. like that t-shirt!!! so nice Im going to search for it x

    1. Same here! I wish my local one was like the Sheffield one! And my one is fairly new so you would think that it would have nice stock!

  22. Love the coat been dying for one like that for ages!xo

  23. Can't believe that top is Primark :O Perfect purchases, love that boyfriend coat xx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x