Company Style Blogger Awards-

Friday 31 May 2013

both getting along like a house on fire!

too young to drink, but they sounded good!
So wednesday night was the Company blogger awards, i didn't win anything, boooo! But, I can cope haha.
I didn't expect to either, too many fab bloggers about, and we were told on the night 23,000 people applied!
(i think that right, maybe 2300, oh god, i can't remember..) anyway.. I'll count it as an achievement!

It was a lovely night, met up with the fab Tigerlily again, (she won 'highly recommended', because her blog is amazinggggg of course)

and  because i was in the 'under 18's category' I was able to take a plus all night i looked like a midget
 (honestly I'm 5'5 and a bit)next to my supermodel-esque of a BFF (ya'll all have to agree) ..
Meet Lois, she was a flipping 6'3 in here tiny weeny wooden clog-like shoes (life is unfairrr!)
this gurrrl needs to get scouted!

Anyway, back to the event.. It was lovely, too many 'famous faces' and little ole' shy me could
 only manage a nod and a smile haha..a couple of girls came up to me and said they loved my blog, which is a first,
 and i was over the moon!

There was opportunities to have your hair cut by one of the Paul Mitchell crews, which was all dandy.. 
I've ben growing my hair for years on end so couldn't pick up the courage to have a 'new do' 
and a station to customize glasses, the all eventful photo booth 
(was in there too many times, having too much fun with the props!)
you could have false eyelashes applied, a browse through some of New Look's latest collection..

 Well, from Liverpool station, but we came from Green park i think it's called? Getting there was a bit tricky, 
and i thought i new Brick Lane so well..  and no taxi would give us a ride, they were all 'not working' or
 'don't do that route' And man, we got lost, big time! but we trekked, and walked pretty damn determined, 
and we got there! Sore feet and all..

Even though i didn't, i still got to the shortlist, and i have to thank all of you for your votes!!
Thankyou so much!

I'm exam free until next summer! and next week, I'm going to vlog vlog vlog and blog blog blog
like crazayyyyyyyyyyy

ps. more pictures of the event/my life in general on my instagram
(I'm an addict!)

ooh and i'll try a re-take my blog outfit
wahh i no it wasn't taken on the 'real' night, but i'll have a post up soon!


  1. you look beautiful! I love what you wore. And yes your friend should deffo be scouted! Sorry to hear you didnt win but i think you should of, my vote went to you! Better luck next year <3

    Hayley xx

  2. You look amazing! especially in that dress with your hair all pretty. Lovely photos too, wish I could of gone! xx

  3. you look so lovely, love that little yellow twosie! looks like great fun, congrats on being nominated lovely! x

  4. Looks like you had a lot fun!
    Maybe next year I can go.

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time, company always put on great events I went to there rising stars gig it was fab! I also love your dress x

  6. That seems like and awesome event and it looks like you really enjoyed yourself

  7. Loving your hair, congrats on being shortlisted :)

  8. Looks amazing! Congrats on getting shortlisted :) xx

  9. I featured your blog on mine if you're at all interested :-) i love your blog and definetely think you should've won something! xx

  10. just looked at this again and died laughing at the picture, im such a loser haahhaah xxx

  11. Fucked up awesome outfit girl!

    Love it!



Thanks for all the fab messages! x