Is there anything that beats crochet?

Thursday 30 May 2013

I'll probably end up wearing this dress to one of the days at Leeds festival this year,
(stupidly excited to see eminem!!!)

I'm on the hunt for the perfect kimono and flower head-band for this outfit.. I know its stereotypical 
'festival style', but i love a good ole' kimono!
and tried on a floral head-crown in Topshop, i always thought they only suited girls with long hair.. 
but i really liked it.. *without sounding vain etc.. you get what I'm trying to say.. *hopefully*

i bought this dress when Asos has their 20% 48-hours, or something like that.. it was £36, free delivery, 
so i don't think it was too bad.. a little sheer, but i don't mind that in the summer..
and i have underwear on, so all my dignity's hidden, aha! They also have it in black but
 i thought this was more summer permitted...
Speaking of the perfect floral crown..

Untitled #27

How beautiful are these from Rock 'N' Rose
I was umming and erm-ing last year whether to buy one,
made the wrong choice not too.. and definitely set on getting a couple this year!

now to save up, because they're slightly pricey :(
My favourite is the top right, but I'd be happy to purchase any of them,


  1. I really like this dress, it's perfect for festivals x

  2. Absolutely stunning, the perfect holiday/festival dress! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  3. Really like that dress.
    Looks great on you!

  4. This is thee summer dress! Love the crochet xx

  5. This dress looks great on you! Really nice :)

  6. It looks gorgeous on you! I've been a little obsessed with crochet dresses recently; I'm a sucker for the festival/hippy style at the moment xx

  7. These are one of those types of dresses which rarely suit anyone but i have to say it looks frickin' amazing!
    So, so perfect for Leeds. I'm incredibly jealous that you have tickets, the line up this year looks insane!
    -Kate xo

  8. This dress is stunning! I just did a post with a crochet top.


  9. i loveeee that dress looks beautiful on you <3

    Hayley xx

  10. love this outfit! and i reeallly love your hair, making me want to chop mine off! xx

    1. Nooo! Your hair is stunning! I'd give anything go hand hair tht length, I've been growing mine for 4 years and if hasn't got far :(

  11. i really love this dress, it's gorgeous! x

  12. love the dress and the flower crowns! I really want one in my life so i can channel my inner lana del rey/frida khalo this summer xxx

  13. The dress looks fabulous on you darling and I'm obsessed with the gorgeous floral crowns available, you'd look lovely wearing one!

    Elizabeth x

  14. I love this dress! :)
    And I recently uploaded a DIY tutorial to make a floral crown for under a fiver so give it a look!

  15. love love love your dress!!!

  16. this dress has been in my saved items for 40 days now! deffo buying it seeing how you've worn it xo

  17. In love with this dress!
    S xx


Thanks for all the fab messages! x