Boyfriend Blazer: minus the boyfriend |

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Ok so basically today is the wind-iest day ever!
I looks like i've brought out some wind machines or something!!
Nothing intentional..

Quite a simple outfit today, and dare i say, formal? (well for me anyway)
I was kindly gifted this blazer, along with a black one, same style, for my new sixthform uniform rules..
And i lovvve it!!!

I'm pretty sure it's still online, and they have quite a few colours too.
I'm not sure the fit is supposed to be this oversized, i bought it in a size 16,
whereas i'd normally be in an 8, so you should keep that in mind if you want to buy it!

The dress and boots were a purchase from my birthday money,
I've been wanting a leather dress so too long!!
And this one is perfect! (i think!)

Hope you're having a fab day off school, if your teachers went on strike like mine!
I'm off to finally film a YouTube video, eeek!!

| Leather dress | Topshop |
| Boots | Topshop |
| Blazer | Missguided |


  1. Such a simple outfit but you look stunning! x

  2. Ohh nice boots..I was in Topshop today uming and ahing over which pair to get!

  3. ah you're so beaut! gorgeous outfit x

  4. omg so lovely! your hair is amazing <3

  5. I love the close-up picture of your face! Amazing <3

  6. You look lovely, love this outfit! x

  7. "minus the boyfriend"<--- story of my lifeee. I live in my brother's clothes because it's as close as i can get?!
    Oh dear that sounds a bit weird...
    Anyway, you look fab! The leather dress is gorgeouss.
    -Kate xo
    my blog: bleached mort

  8. gorgeous i really love those boots! and super jealous you have that dress, ive eyed it up a few times in the shops!

    Hayley xx

  9. i totally love the rings you are wearing!

  10. Oh my god! Those boots are gorg! Wantwantwant!!!!!

  11. I love the blazer and the rings, ugghh actually i love the whole thing it looks amazing!

  12. Ah those boots are amazing, you look lovely xx

  13. Needing this blazer in my life
    S xx

  14. So in love with the blazer!! Might invest in the leather dress too, completely adore this outfit x

  15. such a simple but fab outfit! x

  16. This outfit is gorgeous, you look fabulous! x

  17. You look great, loving your outfit! xx

  18. you're absolutely stunning. Can't believe you're younger than me aswell!
    I love this blazer, we have a very similar style

    Annie x


Thanks for all the fab messages! x